Twitch streamer captures snippet of swarming crowds at Itaewon Halloween celebration which left 100+ dead 

Pape San captures Itaweon Crowd Crush on Livestream (Image via Getty Images, Pape San)
Pape San captures Itaweon Crowd Crush on Livestream (Image via Getty Images, Pape San)

French IRL streamer Pape San was in Itaewon, Seoul during a recent overly crowded Halloween where more than a hundred people have been reported dead. The short clip shows the streamer getting crushed by a crowd of partygoers as he and others near him gasp and cry out in pain.

Trigger warning: Disturbing images and mentions of death. Reader discretion is advised.

According to the latest reports, the incident has left more than 140 people dead and numerous more injured. The event is being called the worst tragedy to befall in decades. Here is a part of the clip from Pape San.


140+ people perish during crowd crush at Itaewon Halloween celebration

In the streamer's clip, people can be seen jostling with each other without the room to move freely. Those in his immediate vicinity were clearly distressed and cries of pain could also be heard in the clip.

As the video from the livestream started to gain traction on social media, many people unaware of the situation wondered why such an event had happened in the first place. The clip was also shared on the streamer-oriented subreddit r/LivestreamFail where certain people with prior knowledge of the Halloween custom explained why there was such a crowd.

The Seoul neighborhood is known for its nightlife and tourist-friendly establishments. As such, Itaewon is one of the most popular districts for party-goers and has a history of hosting Halloween celebrations on a grand scale. Redditor TerryPotatoFace and others described the same in comments under the clip:

The hyped party scene and the fact that it was the first post-pandemic All-Hallow's eve were cited as probable reasons for such a massive crowd. Pievancl also added that Itaewon, being popular with Western expats and tourists, has developed the custom of celebrating Halloween with great pomp in the last decade or so:

Many were outraged that such a debacle would be allowed to happen and speculated about the lack of law enforcement in the area.

Firemen and medical services rushed to the scene after the crowd crush occurred and in the chaotic aftermath, the death toll has risen significantly from a few dozen to almost 150. Do note that the numbers aren't final, as investigations are still ongoing.

Photographs and video clips of the incident have been circulating on the internet ever since.

Here are pictures I took the moment the emergency unfolded in Itaewon. It was chaos, and no one knew what was going on. Emergency services were desperately telling people to leave the scene. The subway outside Hamilton Hotel was equally packed. Dozens have died tonight.

Reddit reactions to the clip

Pape San's clip has accrued quite a lot of upvotes and replies on r/LivestreamFail as the streaming community expressed outrage at the tragic incident. Here are some of the reactions.

Fans of the French streamer will be relieved that Pape San managed to get out of the area of Itaewon before proceedings got too harmful and has updated his status on his official Instagram.

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