Twitch streamer celebrates getting Invincible's Reigns after playing World of Warcraft for over 5 years

Bingo1 gets a rare mount in World of Warcraft after years of farming (Image via Bingo1/Twitch)
Bingo1 gets a rare mount in World of Warcraft after years of farming (Image via Bingo1/Twitch)

Twitch streamer Bingo1 was lucky to get one of the most sought-after mounts in World of Warcraft that goes by the name Invincible's Reigns.

Invincible's Reigns is a very rare mount in World of Warcraft, with a 1% drop chance that enables players to summon an undead flying horse known as Invincible. According to the Warcraft Universe lore, Invincible is closely related to Arthas Menethil, the Lich King.

Bingo1 has been playing Blizzard Entertainment's MMORPG for over five years now and during a recent livestream on July 21, he celebrated the rare occruance of getting the mount on stream.

Twitch streamer Bingo1 celebrates getting World of Warcraft's Invincible's Reigns on livestream

Earlier today, Bingo1 hosted a six-hour long stream and played World of Warcraft: Shadowlands for the first two hours to grind and farm various mounts and special items.

After killing the Lich King in Icecrown Citadel (ICC), Bingo1 slowly made his way towards the boss loot and was eagerly anticipating to see if the coveted mount had finally dropped for him:

"All right, can we- here we go chat! Did I got it? Oh?"

As Twitch streamer scrolled to the second page of the loot items, he was stunned after seeing that Invincible's Reigns had finally dropped for him, and instantly jumped from his chair and began celebrating. He loudly exclaimed:

"Wooo! Let's f***ing go! Let's go! That's what I'm f***ing talking about! Let's f***ing go! Let's go! Holy s**t! Holy s**t! Let's go! Holy f**k, we actually got it! Holy f**k, let's f***ing go!"

(Timestamp: 01:21:46)

Hilariously, the loot window closed in the game which resulted in the Twitch streamer panicking. He immediately learned the spell to summon Invincible and continued celebrating:

"Oh my god, chill, chill, chill, chill! Holy s**t, holy s**t we actually f***ing got it. Oh my god! Holy f**k chat, we actually got the f***ing mount."

Bingo1 used his Hearthstone to go back to the zone where he could get on the mount to show it off to his fans.

Reddit reacts to the Twitch streamer getting a rare mount in-game

Bingo1's clip made an appearance on r/LivestreamFail and more than 25 fans provided their take in the comment section. Some sarcastically stated that the Twitch streamer could finally quit playing the game:

Redditors were happy to see clips of new Twitch content creators making an appearance on the subreddit:

Some fans expressed their dislike for the in-game mount:

Bingo1 is a budding Twitch content creator who has been livestreaming on the Amazon-owned platform since 2019. He is primarily a Just Chatting streamer who has also streamed other games such as Super Mario 64, League of Legends, and Minecraft on his channel.

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