“Don’t play this f***ing game!” – Twitch streamer McconnellRet provides take on Diablo Immortal on Asmongold’s stream

McconnellRet rant\ed about Diablo Immortal on Asmongold's stream and pleaded with fans not to play the game (Image via McconnellRet and Asmongold/Twitter)
McconnellRet rant\ed about Diablo Immortal on Asmongold's stream and pleaded with fans not to play the game (Image via McconnellRet and Asmongold/Twitter)
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Twitch streamer and World of Warcraft player McconnellRet appeared on Asmongold's stream earlier today and provided his take on the newly launched mobile game, Diablo Immortal.

Asmongold has been viewing and watching content related to the same game and realized that players who want to progress and are keen on getting the best-of-the-best gear and weapons need to pay an exorbitant amount.

Looking at this, McconnellRet provided his take on the mobile title and mentioned that he won't be playing it whatsoever. He warned Asmongold's viewers by strongly stating:

"Don't play this f***ing game!"

McconnellRet provides opinion on Diablo Immortal on Asmongold's stream

Mcconnell often turns up on Asmon's streams and also happens to be a good friend of the popular Twitch streamer. He is a vocal personality who does not shy away from providing controversial and hot takes.

During the One True King's co-founder's stream on June 2, Mcconnell went hard at Diablo Immortal by criticizing the game and calling it a "pay-to-win" mobile offering. He began ranting about it by stating:

"I'm not buying this whole like, I'm Jesus like sacrificing myself thinking its... number one it's blasphemous and number two he's (Asmongold) is not Jesus and he doesn't have to make a sacrifice, he's not sacrificing anything."

Following this, the WoW gamer pleaded with Asmongold's viewers not to play the game, and even if they want to play it, fans should not spend any money on Blizzard Entertainment's predatory services:

"Don't give, or at least if you have to play it, don't give them any f***ing money, dude. Don't f***ing buy into this s**t. It's a scam! Literally, it's a scam. Don't f***ing do this man."

Timestamp: 02:57:28

McconnellRet's rant continued:

"Look, just go and spend it anywhere else. Just go spend your money anywhere else, okay? I'm not even telling you to go spend it on other streamers, I'm not even saying that. Just go, do something else with your money. This is f***ing awful!"

He concluded his hot take on Diablo Immortal by claiming that the gaming industry has gone downhill and blamed mobile gaming for it by stating:

"I can't believe gaming has gone to this f***ing point dude. This is what happens when you accept mobile games. It's pathetic."

Mcconnell left the stream as soon as Asmongold returned from his washroom break.

Fans react to McconnellRet's opinions on Diablo Immortal

The clip of the Twitch streamer ranting about the newly released Blizzard title was one of the featured posts on r/LivestreamFail, and more than 400 fans provided their stance. Several Redditors agreed with the broadcaster's take.

Fans mentioned that even if they wanted to play the game, they were not able to do so since the game didn't launch in their respective countries.

Some fans provided their experience playing Diablo Immortal.

Fans talk about Diablo Immortal (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Fans talk about Diablo Immortal (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

Diablo Immortal has been a controversial game since it was first revealed and announced at BlizzCon 2018. Fans finally got their hands on it earlier this week when the game officially launched on mobile phones and PCs.

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