Twitch streamer MissMikkaa has now beaten Elden Ring while playing on PS5 and PC simultaneously

Streamer beats Elden Ring twice with controller and Dance Pads (Image via MissMikkaa/Twitch)
A popular Twitch streamer beats Elden Ring twice with a controller and a Dance Pad (Image via MissMikkaa/Twitch)

Twitch streamer MissMikkaa has once again achieved an impossible feat in Elden Ring, beating the final boss while simultaneously playing two instances of the game this time around. Using a PS5 controller for one game, the streamer played the second instance with a dance pad at the same time.

At this point, MissMikkaa has already built a reputation amongst the Elden Ring community for completing unique and difficult challenges. From several 'level one no summon' challenges to a dedicated dance pad challenge, it's clear that she's established herself in the gaming community with her dedication to completing such absurdly difficult tasks.

Thanks to her reputation, thousands of viewers watched her beat Radagon and the Elden Beast in two separate games. When she finally succeeded, clips of the triumph were readily shared online.

"Godlike gamer strikes again": Fans rejoice as Twitch streamer MissMikkaa beats Elden Ring twice using a controller and dance pad at the same time

Twitch's resident Elden Ring Challenge Master has been turning heads for quite some time with her unique ideas. Her latest 'Ultimate Challenge' involved beating FromSoftware's Game of the Year twice, doing so simultaneously with a dance pad on the PC and a controller on the PS5.

Her rules were simple; she must face each enemy in both games at the same time, making the boss battles twice as hard. On top of that, there's an added complication of using a dance pad as a controller, but considering that she completed the dance pad challenge back in September, MissMikkaa was certainly up to the task. Only yesterday had she beaten Malenia, arguably the hardest boss in the game, in her bid to complete the game simultaneously.

Timestamp 5:19:40

Although FromSoftware is already well-known for making traditionally difficult games, adding these layers of complicated restrictions and using unconventional controllers have earned the streamer quite a following in recent months.

MissMikka's Twitch stats since February 2022 (Image via Twitch Tracker)
MissMikka's Twitch stats since February 2022 (Image via Twitch Tracker)

Twitch Tracker notes that although MissMikkaa has been streaming since 2017, almost 100K of her 104K followers arrived in 2022, with the majority showing up after February when she began playing Elden Ring on her livestreams. One of her fans shared the clip on r/LivestreamFail, calling her a 'Godlike gamer' in the comments:

People have also been keeping track of all the achievements that she's been earning, such as the simultaneous All Remembrances run. One Redditor even shared a spreadsheet with a list of all the bosses that the streamer has bested.

Here are a few more comments from Reddit where the clips have been gaining traction.

In addition to providing her fans with some of the most epic moments in Elden Ring, the streamer is also known to play games such as God of War: Ragnarok, Diablo 2, and other Souls-like games. In general, her unique gameplay has certainly caught the eye of the gaming community as she continues to gain followers on her Twitch channel.

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