“That’s your mother**king job ” – Twitch streamer Myth comments on the influence a streamer has on their audience

Twitch streamer Myth provides his view on the impact of influencers on the livestreaming platform (Image via Myth/Twitch)
Twitch streamer Myth provides his view on the impact of influencers on the livestreaming platform (Image via Myth/Twitch)

Twitch streamer and Fortnite sensation Ali "Myth" had a few points to say on the ongoing controversy on Twitch surrounding gambling and promoting slots on stream.

Several streamers have provided their take on sponsored gambling, including Matthew "Mizkif" and Thomas "Sykkuno."

Myth was pretty straightforward in his stance and stated that a streamer should acknowledge their influence on their audience and be vigilant about it. He strongly said that:

"That's your motherf**king job."

Twitch streamer Myth talks about influencers on Twitch

Myth hosted an IRL broadcast on May 18 and spoke about the trending topics revolving in the livestreaming space. He provided his thoughts on the ongoing controversy surrounding Felix "xQc" accepting a sponsored gambling stream and the effects of influencers on their audience.

The former TeamSolo Mid (TSM) member applauded Mizkif's point when the latter stated that everyone has a price at the end of the day and it is humane to accept huge deals to make money.

Myth added to the One True King's (OTK) co-founder's thoughts and mentioned:

"And I think Mizkif had a really good point the other day where he was talking about like, everybody has a price dude, like maybe, for the most part."

He was a bit hesitant to provide his viewpoint but went ahead by stating:

"So, like... I don't know dude. I don't think it is a good thing, you know? I don't think it's like, I don't think it's a neutral thing. I really don't like it when the content creators take the stance of I'm not a... it's not my moral responsibility to worry about what my audience is doing, or whatever."

He disagreed with the notion of big streamers with a huge following shrugging off the responsibility and the impact their content might have on impressionable viewers. The Twitch streamer continued the conversation by saying:

"I think it's kind of; I don't know, I don't like when content creators take that take because I do think you work in the... you're working in the industry of influence. Whether or not you want to accept that motherf**ker, you need to accept that."

As the discussion came to a close, the Twitch streamer firmly said that it's the content creators' job on the platform to accept that they're responsible for influencing their audience.

Fans react to Myth's take

A reaction thread on r/LivestreamFail had more than 600 comments as fans wanted to express their opinions on streamers setting an example for their viewers and how they influence decisions made by their fans.

Several fans wanted Twitch to ban Stake from being promoted on the livestreaming platform.

This is not the first time Myth has expressed his concerns regarding Twitch streamers and content creators on the platform. When he joined Imane "Pokimane's" OfflineTV podcast, both personalities spoke about how streamers tend to set an example for young audiences.