“It blows my mind and it's very frightening to me”: Pokimane and Myth discuss parenting their young audiences

Pokimane and Myth talk about young audiences on the podcast (Images via YouTube/OfflineTV Podcast)
Pokimane and Myth talk about young audiences on the podcast (Images via YouTube/OfflineTV Podcast)

The latest podcast episode of OfflineTV included the streamers Imane “Pokimane” and Ali “Myth”. The podcast covered a wide variety of topics, and the streamers spoke about various life transitions, growing on Twitch as a content creator, struggling with establishing a personal identity, and the impact of content creators on young audiences.

The hour-long podcast has now been viewed by more than a hundred thousand viewers since it was posted onto the official OfflineTV Podcast channel on YouTube.

Right at the onset of the topic of streamers handling a young and impressionable audience, Pokimane said:

“Especially for a young audience. like, it blows my mind and it’s very frightening to me that some kids spend more time with like a content creator than they do with their own parents, and therefore value their (content creators) opinion or how they set an example far more than their own parents.”

Pokimane and Myth talk about the impact of streamers on a younger audience


The serious conversation went on for around three minutes of the hour-long podcast. Pokimane had spoken on the same topic back in January 2022 where she mentioned that Twitch should add a kid-friendly version of the site that filters out content that is targeted towards a mature audience.

Myth added his take on the subject by saying:

“Okay, there’s this sentiment that some streamers have around, it’s not my job…”

Pokimane then playfully agreed with what Myth said. Myth then went on to ask for Poki’s thoughts on the matter and continued by saying:

“So for me personally, I’ll start off like when I hear people say like it’s not my job, like parents should be parents, it's like, true; you’re very right on that but if you’re gonna use that as a justification to do the s**t that you’re doing and then not care about the things that you’re doing, its like you know what you’re doing, motherf***er. Like, you know that you’re just playing this game and you’re playing with people right here. So, that really bothers me.”

Pokimane mentioned that she wholeheartedly agreed with Myth’s ideas about streamer content and how it impacts the younger demographic. She said:

“No, honestly, I completely agree. It's like they’ll just say, 'It's not my job.' Parents should parent their kids. True. Actually, the first one is debatable. But, that’s true. Ideally parents should be responsible for what their kids watch, what they do. But there’s also just the f***ing reality of it all.”

Myth let out a small laugh as she continued:

“So it’s like if you want to sit there and say it's not my job to parent your kid, sure, but also the reality is that some kids, and if you know that your audience skews towards being younger, like you just know that's the reality of it, and therefore there’s almost like a responsibility that is thrown up, thrust upon you wheter you like it or not.”

Pokimane added:

“It’s something that makes them feel better about not caring. It's like there just are certain scenarios where you should be realistic about your impact and sure you can talk about what is ideal, but also talk about what is real and true and going on right now.”

In a concluding statement on the topic, she said:

“Kids follow in the footsteps of what they’ll see online almost far more than what they see in person especially depending on, like, how involved a parent is in their child’s life.”

Soon enough, the streamers moved on from this serious topic and then went on to talk about various different social media habits they engaged in before they rose to popularity.

Fans react to Pokimane and Myth’s thoughts on the podcast

The audience in the YouTube comment section applauded the way Pokimane hosted the podcast. They also loved how Myth came across as being genuine.

Fans reacting to the podcast (Images via YouTube/OfflineTV Podcast)
Fans reacting to the podcast (Images via YouTube/OfflineTV Podcast)

Ali “Myth” is a 22 year-old American internet personality who regularly streams on Twitch and has a massive presence on other media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. He is a former professional Fortnite gamer who was a part of Team Solo Mid (TSM).

He is followed by a massive audience of 7.4 million followers and constantly gets an average of three thousand viewers on his channel. With Fornite's dominance as the premier Battle Royale game, Myth has accumulated a colossal 37k viewers at his career peak.