Twitch streamer Ohoff called out for allegedly harassing female streamers and asking them to join his e-dating show

Twitch streamer Ohoff called out for controversial behavior (Image via ohoff/Twitch)
Twitch streamer Ohoff called out for controversial behavior (Image via ohoff/Twitch)

Twitch streamer Ozzy "Ohoff" is currently receiving heat after his actions on the streaming platform were "exposed" by a Twitter user.

In a large thread, the user uploaded various clips of the streamer visiting the livestreams of many female streamers and asking them to join his "e-dating" show. A clip of him mocking a British Twitch streamer in front of others started going viral, shocking many.

Ohoff mimics a female British streamer who calls him out for rude behavior

The Twitch streamer took part in a call featuring several other streamers, including British content creator Teeny "TeenyGiant." By the time she joined the call, Ohoff had already been in a heated conversation with the others for an unknown reason.

After Ozzy asked if there were any Twitch moderators present at the scene, one of the creators, Qwayzi, replied:

"If there's a mod here, this guy's going to get banned on Twitch in the next three days."

Ozzy interjected the creator, responding,

"Dude, I'm not going to get banned, you're just a f**king hate because you're not- you got no viewers and I do, alright? Dude, I get it, like, you f**king hate me."

Qwayzi spoke up again, predicting that Ohoff would get racist and drop the n-word. The controversial streamer responded once again:

"Yeah, okay dude, I'm going to drop the hard R on my own stream, dude, you're actually so f**king stupid, holy s**t."

TeenyGiant had joined the call by then, asking if Qwayzi was "okay" after hearing his language. The subject of her question replied in a mocking tone, pitching his voice up while repeating her question. He then said,

"Why are you speaking like that? Dude, go f**k [indistinct]."

Teeny responded that she's British, to which Ohoff says (in a mocking British accent),

"First of all, I don't give a f**k, second of all, go f**k yourself."

She remained on the call, questioning his behavior and telling him to calm down, while the other continued to reply to her in a mocking tone. She eventually left, seemingly done with the decorum held during the call.

Twitter user KurlyChrisTV later reuploaded a clip of their entire interaction on the platform, questioning Twitch as to why they let his behavior slide. They re-uploaded a series of clips underneath, showing Ozzy chat-hopping through various female streamers' channels and asking them to join his "e-dating show."

Through the various clips included in the thread, Ozzy's messages were deleted and his account timed out given the frequency of his messages. In several of them, he can be seen offering "clout" or "content," to which many of them respectfully decline, such as the following clip.

After the streamer reads his comment asking her to go on an e-date for "content," she responds,

"No. I'm good, I don't need the content."

After his rejection, he continues to send her a few more messages, one where he asks why everyone he's invited has rejected him, while the other tells her to simply "call (him) smh."

Viewers react to Ohoff's conduct towards female streamers

Users across Twitter and Reddit questioned Ozzy's behavior, terming it harassment and asking Twitch to take action.

Ohoff has yet to comment on the situation. He commented under the Reddit post and linked to his Twitch channel.

Screenshot via /r/LivestreamFail
Screenshot via /r/LivestreamFail

It remains to be seen whether Twitch Support will take action against this streamer. Cases of harassment on Twitch have been rising recently, with more and more people publicly speaking about their experiences.

Jidionpremium's case with Pokimane is a widely-known situation of similar stature, ending only after Jidionpremium's permanent ban from the platform.