Twitch streamer and Overwatch player Joomla25 passes away, streaming community mourns

The streaming community mourns the passing away of Joomla25 (Image via Sportskeeda)
The streaming community mourns the passing away of Joomla25 (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The streaming community was shocked to hear that Twitch streamer and a known Overwatch figure, Joomla25, had passed away. The update came on May 24 from a Twitter user EeveeA (@EeveeA), who posted an excerpt from a Discord message stating:

"I'm so terribly sorry to let everyone know this. I've never delivered news like this. I'll spare everyone details because it's a sensitive matter and it doesn't feel right that I of all people would be the first to know out of everyone."

The address continued:

"Unfortunately Joom is no longer with us. As I receive any news or updates, I will let everyone know, but as of right now I think we need to give the matter some time. Let his family and close ones process this, and let us all mourn as a community."
Joomla is no longer with us....

Twitch community reacts to Twitch streamer Joomla25 passing away

The streaming community on Twitter was shocked to hear of the sudden passing away of a well-known and very well-liked Overwatch personality. Fans provided emotional messages on how Joomla guided fans in climbing the ranked ladder of the FPS game.

@EeveeA One day someone asked Joom how they could climb. He explained that you have to be happy with your life if you want to perform your best and be in a mindset to learn. Somehow, him saying that at that moment sparked an urge to better my real life and it changed everything. RIP

Fans could not accept that the Twitch streamer has passed away.

@EeveeA Even after reading this, my mind still doesnt believe it...Joom was one of the best man I've ever met, and a very accepting person. Even if I didnt talk much with him, it was obvious that the world needed more of him...May he rest in peace and hope his family is okay..

Overwatch pro danteh grieved the content creator's demise.

@EeveeA so sad. rest in peace joom

Twitch streamer Fareeha provided her condolences and stated how she wouldn't be able to hear him moving forward.

@EeveeA Oh no this is crushing..I can't believe I'll never hear him go on an impassioned tangent again, he was such a good egg of a human. rest in peace Joom

Cloud9's Valorant coach MoonChopper expressed his sadness and spoke about his friendship with Joomla.

@EeveeA I can't believe it. I'm so sad right now, I would always have catch up talks with joom throughout the years of our friendship. He was such a good guy over the 6 years I've known him, he never changed face with me at any point and man I really am going to miss him. Rip man

Several fans mourned their favorite content creator's unexpected passing away.

@EeveeA joom was such a kind person. If I ever asked for help he was one of the people that would always reach out. I cant believe hes gone, rest in peace joom
@EeveeA Rest in piece, joom. I remember opening weekend of apex I found him, when me and my team downed him and u eevee we tea bagged, and almost immediately I rushed into his twitch chat apologizing because I didn't want him to think It was mean spirited, I'd supported for years :(
@EeveeA Rest in peace joomlacm25, ypu were one of the first content creators I watched when i started playing ow on pc, sad I never got to talk to you personally but you were always an amazing streamer and an amazing person. May you rest well king. πŸ₯²

Some fans mentioned how the Overwatch player disappeared a few days ago, and no one knew what was going on with him.

@EeveeA I cannot believe we just talked about him disappearing a couple days ago and now he's just gone forever...

The reaction thread on r/LivestreamFail had more than 150 comments and fans spoke about Joomla25 and his content. Several fans stated how he was one of the best Widowmaker players and how he went on to inspire them to play the game.

Some Redditors speculated on Joomla's cause of death and stated that it was likely a suicide.

Some fans really hoped that this was some bait from the streamer's community and dubbed it a "joombait."

Reddit u/DiaMat2040 mentioned Joomla25's recent livestream and stated that the streamer ended the stream on a good note and promised to come live on stream the next day to progress his ranked climb.

The Twitch streamer hosted his last stream on May 13, and a clip of him closing out his final stream can be viewed below.

Joomla25 was a well-known Twitch streamer with over 57,000 followers. He began streaming on Twitch back in 2016, and had racked up more than 5,000 hours of playing and streaming Overwatch on Twitch.

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