Twitch streamer plays Elden Ring using an EEG, mind-controlling her character to navigate the Lands Between

Twitch streamer plays Elden Ring with an electroencephalogram (Image via Perrikaryal/Twitch)
Twitch streamer plays Elden Ring with an electroencephalogram (Image via Perrikaryal/Twitch)

Up-and-coming Twitch streamer Perrikaryal has gone viral online after she started playing Elden Ring with an EEG (electroencephalogram) as the sole controller for combat in the game.

The streamer, a psychology major as per her Twitch bio, has calibrated the device used to monitor and record brain activity so that she can traverse the Lands Between in her quest for the Elden Ring, stunning the community.

Perrikaryal has since posted proof of her "mind control" by showing off her setup, in which it is clear that she can control the in-game character without the use of a controller, mouse, keyboard, or any other peripheral. Here is a clip of her killing the Elder Dragon Greyoll using an EEG.

"A final demonstration": Twitch streamer Perrikaryal shows off her Elden Ring skills by playing with an EEG

FromSoftware and their Souls-type games are known to be quite difficult, and certain players proficient in the game are known to make it considerably harder on themselves by imposing ridiculous restrictions in challenge runs. Twitch streamers such as MissMikkaa have been making headlines recently for completing the Elden Ring using dance pads and playing two games simultaneously.

Perrikaryal has taken yet another different approach in her challenge, using a device primarily used in medical research for brain waves and training it to recognize her brain patterns. Typing "!mindcontrol" in her chat returns to this answer, which succinctly explains how she got the EEG to work with the game:

"I'm using an EEG (brain imaging device) to monitor my brain activity live on screen. It works by picking up electrical activity from my brain on the sensor pads on my head, made conductive with saline solution. I then trained it to recognise certain states and binded it to my attack key!"

Perrikaryal went positively viral after the news was shared extensively on social media by esporting personalities such as Jake Lucky, who shared a piece of gameplay praising the British-Canadian streamer for her innovative ways.

Here is one of the times she took a step back from the PC to "prove" that she was, in fact, using the EEG and not some other controller such as dance pads. She stated:

"I've gotten a lot of stuff online, people being like, "Oh, not that's cap. Are you for real?' So as a final demonstration, no controller. Even, no foot pads or dance pads or anything. Focusing in..."

On command, the character does an attack, proving that the streamer was, in fact, using an encephalogram.

Social media reactions to Perrikaryal using EEG to play Elden Ring

Here are some reactions from various online sources pertaining to the Twitch streamer using brain waves to play the Game of the Year.

As mentioned before, Souls games have always inspired people to embark on innovative challenges to make the games even harder. Streamers have been doing kick-only, level one only, and no summon challenges since the dawn of game streaming.

And streamers such as MissMikaa have grown considerably in recent times vis-a-vis their talent in completing Elden Ring.

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