Twitch streamer Tectone announces separation from wife Fream, says "life bouta be rough"

Tectone shared a TwitLonger update, announcing separation from his wife, Fream, on December 16 (Image via Tectone/YouTube)
Tectone shared a TwitLonger update, announcing separation from his wife, Fream, on December 16 (Image via Tectone/YouTube)

On December 16, Twitch streamer Tectone took to Twitter to update the community regarding his relationship and announced that and his wife, Fream, are now divorced.

In a TwitLonger post titled "I lost her. (about Fream and myself)," the content creator explained the situation, claiming that the decision was not influenced by anything negative. They do, however, love each other as friends "more than ever."

As the address concluded, Tectone mentioned that a new chapter in his life was beginning and stated:

"Anyways, going live tomorrow, expecting people to come f**k with me but that's okay, I get it. Now a new chapter begins... I'm 28 years old Bald and Single. Life bouta be rough OMEGALUL (Twitch emote)."

Twitch streamer Tectone explains why he and Fream divorced

The One True King (OTK) member began the 518-word TwitLonger post by revealing that he and Fream have gone through a divorce. He assured the community that neither of them had cheated or mistreated one another:

"I don't wanna make this too long but I know for some of y'all this is fresh but for Fream and I we've been dealing with this for a while. Yes, we have gotten divorced."

He then decided to nip any rumors before they could get started, saying:

"Now before speculation occurs, No neither of us cheated on each other and neither of us treated each other poorly and most importantly neither of us hate each other. To be honest, we love each other now as friends more than ever!"

Tectone stated that they have been together since they were 18 years old and that they were "forced to get married":

"Fream and I have been together since we were 18 and we were pretty much forced to get married otherwise I would've had to leave Canada so our lives were all over the place and we never really got enough time to decide if it was the right choice or not."

In the next section of the post, Tectone explained why the couple decided to split up, saying:

"What started off as a temporary break became longer and longer because we slowly started to realize how much happier we were as individuals. Fream and I have learned so much about ourselves and who we are over the past 3-4 months its actually crazy and I know we're both way better off like this."

The Austin, Texas-based content creator added that Fream has been "nothing but wonderful" and asked the streaming community not to cause her any trouble. He also stated that he will not take a break and will continue to stream live:

"A lot of y'all may have heard that I'm going on break but I'm not."

Twitter community reacts to the streamer's update

More than 480 Twitter community members reacted to Tectone's update. Fream also replied, saying that they are now "inseparable homies":

OTK co-founder Rich Campbell said:

YouTuber and Twitch streamer RubberRoss offered assistance and added:

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

Tectone is a well-known streaming personality who joined OTK in 2021. He is primarily a Genshin Impact content creator, having spent over 1,600 hours playing and streaming the open-world title. He currently has 810,106 followers and averages more than 2k viewers per stream.

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