"I feel bad for the casters" - Tyler1 provides his take on the current state of the LCS

Tyler shares his opinions on the LCS (Image via Tyler1/Twitch)
Tyler shares his opinions on the LCS (Image via Tyler1/Twitch)

Twitch personality Tyler "Tyler1" shared his perspective on the ongoing controversy between Doublelift and Riot Games after the latter issued a second strike in response to the former's negative remarks.

During a recent livestream earlier today, Tyler1 somewhat agreed with Doublelift's take and sympathized with the shoutcasters and commentators at the League Championship Series (LCS) by saying:

"I feel bad for the casters currently. That s**t is so f***ing dead."

Tyler1 shares his opinions on the Doublelift vs. LCS controversy

Former League of Legends pro, Yiliang "Doublelift's" statements about Riot Games blocking Søren "Bjergsen" from participating in the MrBeast vs. Ninja $150k tournament have taken the internet by storm.

Yiliang criticized Riot Games and the LCS by stating that decisions like these are resulting in the constant downfall of the latter's viewership.

Earlier today, while Tyler was waiting for the game to commence, a viewer on his Twitch chat said:

"Be careful bad mouthing Riot @loltyler1 or you will end up like Doublelift."

The Missouri native replied to the viewer's comments and confirmed that he had seen the viral post on Twitter and said the following in a sarcastic tone:

"Yeah, I saw it on Twitter. Apparently, Riot... and Doublelift said League is dying, so Riot isn't letting him co-stream. Oh f***ing... oh no, you can't co-stream boring a** LCS. Nice bro! LCS is two kills at 30 minutes. Whoa, that's really entertaining to watch and commentate on."

Timestamp: 05:23:05

Tyler stated that he felt bad for the North American shoutcasters and provided an explanation for his perspective:

"Like, you don't know any of the players anyway and NA LCS sucks as well, and not only does the NA LCS suck, but the game is boring as f**k as well. So, these casters like, think of some s**t to talk, so like, 90% of the game they're talking about like their day and s**t."

The 27-year-old Twitch streamer's strong opinions on the subject concluded when he said:

"It's actually miserable. So, good, I should be happy. It's trash, man."

Fans react to Tyler1's stance

Fans present on r/LivestreamFail agreed with what Tyler had to say, and some viewers mentioned that watching the European (LEC) and South Korean (LCK) professional League of Legends games was more enjoyable to watch:

Some fans felt that the professional League of Legends scene in North America was dying:

Tyler is one of the biggest League of Legends content creators on the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform. He currently has more than 5 million followers and garners an average viewership of 17k fans per stream.

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