Ubisoft delays Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora to 2023-24, cancels games including Splinter Cell VR and Ghost Recon Frontline

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora delayed, Ghost Recon Frontline canceled (Images via Ubisoft)
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora delayed, Ghost Recon Frontline canceled (Images via Ubisoft)

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the upcoming open-world action-adventure based on James Camron’s creation, currently being developed at Massive Entertainment, has been postponed till 2023-24.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is arguably one of Ubisoft’s most exciting upcoming titles. Developed by Massive Entertainment, it promises players the magical land of Pandora, where they can be a Na'vi. While the game was set to be released in 2022, during today’s financial report of Q1 2022-23, Ubisoft revealed that the game was being delayed by a year.


Ubisoft also stated that it has canceled multiple in-development projects, including Splinter Cell VR, Ghost Recon Frontline, and two unannounced titles.

What did Ubisoft say about Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora in its fiscal report?

While today's quarterly financial report bought exciting news concerning the growth of Assassin's Creed and Rainbow Six Siege, it also bought the saddening news of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora not coming out anytime soon.

Ubisoft delays Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora to…

First announced back in 2017, Massive Entertainment looks to recreate the fantasy world of James Cameron's Pandora. The game has been one of Ubisoft’s most ambitious titles alongside Beyond Good, Evil 2, and the Star Wars project.

Following its reveal last year, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora was being set up for a late 2022 release, possibly coinciding with the release of the second movie Avatar: Way of the Water. However, Ubisoft has delayed the title to 2023-24, stating in the fiscal report:

"While this additional development time is a reflection of the current ongoing constraints on productions across the industry, we are hard at work to design the most efficient working conditions to ensure both flexibilities for our teams as well as strong productivity while delivering the best experiences to players."

Frontiers of Pandora isn’t the only title being delayed, as Ubisoft revealed that one smaller unannounced premium game originally set for 2022-23 has also been delayed to 2023-24.

Ubisoft cancels Splinter Cell VR and Ghost Recon Frontline

With the Splinter Cell VR project canceled, it seems more than likely for the brand to double down on the upcoming Splinter Cell remake title from Ubisoft Toronto.

Ubisoft has canceled development of Splinter Cell VR and Ghost Recon Frontline (and two other unannounced games)

Ghost Recon Frontline was part of Ubisoft’s expansion of Tom Clancy's IP towards free-to-play titles. As per previous leaks, the title fared poorly in internal testing and failed to set itself apart from other battle royale titles.

While the cancelation and delay of these titles might be considered a step back, overall, Ubisoft has done better than the projected growth and maintains a strong lineup of future titles.

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