VA Robb Moreira to voice Mika in Genshin Impact

The voice actor and the new Genshin Impact character
The voice actor and the new Genshin Impact character (Image via Robb Moreira, HoYoverse)

Mika made his grand debut in the Genshin Impact 3.1 livestream, but some players might wonder who his VA is. The revered character's English voice is provided by Robb Moreira. The VA has a great range of voices, along with multiple renowned roles to his name. Still, this article will highlight the ones officially accredited to him.

All of Mika's VAs in Genshin Impact have been confirmed to be:

  • Chinese: Deng Youxi
  • English: Robb Moreira
  • Japanese: Sanpei Yūko
  • Korean: Yoon Eun-seo

It's worth noting that these names were released on various websites. If Travelers wish to read the official HoYoLAB article confirming the English voice actors for the upcoming update, they may visit:

Mika's English VA in Genshin Impact is Robb Moreira

Mika is the short blonde character next to Jean (Image via HoYoverse)
Mika is the short blonde character next to Jean (Image via HoYoverse)

Here are some notable characters that Robb Moreira has voiced in the past:

  • Professor Diggs (Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS)
  • Bronk Stone (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links)
  • Yūki Koreeda (number24)
  • Yukimaru (Fena: Pirate Princess)
  • Sakunosuke Oda (Bungo and Alchemist - Gears of Judgement)

However, much of his work lies in commercials. For example, he voices the following commercial in an energetic way.


His official website states:

"With over a decade of acting training through the Fame School of the Arts and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, his acting pursuits in theater took him to the world of voice over, where being bilingual has truly paid off for him and his clients."

If readers wish to find out more about this VA, they should check out his official website:

That's as much as Travelers need to know about Mika's English VA. The rest of this article will focus on the character that Robb Moreria voices and what players should know about him.

Genshin Impact's Mika


Mika will appear in Genshin Impact 3.1, but it's vital to note that he won't be playable in this update. Instead, he's just an NPC relevant to the event. His actual release date is currently unknown.

It's a short video, but the clip is long enough for Travelers to get a good idea of his character. Mika sounds insecure as he reads Varka's letter before it cuts to the other Mondstadt characters.

The above video is only a short clip of the Genshin Impact 3.1 livestream.


Travelers who wish to check out the rest of the Special Program can do so by perusing the above video. It's over an hour long, making it much lengthier than the average livestream. The aforementioned clip happens around the 3:45 mark in this video.

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