"Video games are scarier than any horror movie by far": Elon Musk responds to legendary game maker Hideo Kojima

Both personalities are well known for their love of video games (Images via Getty)
Both personalities are well known for their love of video games (Images via Getty)

Elon Musk and Hideo Kojima are two giants in their respective fields and have achieved many great achievements so far in their lives. While their base professions are different, the video game is a field that links the two stalwarts.

Hideo Kojima is very well known for several video games he has made. As for Elon Musk, his love for video games is well documented with his regular tweets about titles like Elden Ring. In a recent discussion, the two came together to give different perspectives about what 'scary' means for them.

The discussion initially occurred over a tweet made by Kojima himself, who wanted to discuss scary movies. Elon Musk expressed his opinion, which could seem quite surprising to many. It's unclear which titles caused him to think so, but it won't be wrong with what Musk said.

Hideo Kojima and Elon Musk discuss what scary means to them

The original tweet was made by the legendary game maker who posted about his wish to watch a scary movie before sleeping. However, he decided not to pursue his whim as he believes that an activity like reading books is better before going off to sleep.

Elon Musk had an interesting reply to Hideo Kojima when he declared that he thinks that there's nothing scarier than video games. While the world might know Musk's love for video games, this is a new reveal.

The opinion also holds relevance given that Elon Musk has a reputation for being a hardcore gamer. His love for video games like Elden Ring and Halo Infinite is well known among recent ones. However, it's unlikely those games will be able to make the list of 'scary' games that Musk is hinting at.

Interestingly, Hideo Kojima himself has built a reputation on amazing titles, some of which are horror-themed. Who can forget the legacy that Silent Hill has created with different titles in the series! Hideo Kojima will be there at the top if anybody knows a thing or two about video games and horror.


Musk's statement can also be agreed upon when one looks into what the horror genre offers in video games. It isn't just the Silent Hill series that has created a legacy in the genre.

There are also different offerings to the players, and some of them even merge different genres. Games like Resident Evil mix action and horror elements.

Like the Outlast series, others can quite easily trump many famous horror movies. The discussion, if anything, showcased two interesting schools of thought merged with video games.

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