Watch: Twitch streamer accidentally sets her own hair on fire on livestream

Twitch streamer accidentally sets her own hair on fire (Image via CruelRice/Twitch)
Twitch streamer accidentally sets her own hair on fire (Image via CruelRice/Twitch)
Michelle Joseph

Every day, Twitch streamers everywhere are randomly caught committing questionable acts for laughs and giggles. But one streamer may have just been seconds away from committing live arson.

In a recent stream, Twitch streamer CruelRice lit a candle (twice) and held it really close to what seemed like damp hair. Ironically enough, she was seen preaching fire safety to her chat to assure them that she knew what she was doing. And then, the unspeakable occurred.

The streamer quickly put out the fire and immediately angled the camera towards her own face to declare her disbelief.

"That did not just happen."

As it turned out, the candle burning wasn't completely unprompted. The VOD revealed the recent events that eventually led to that fateful moment.

At the 14-minute mark of the video below, a viewer makes a jest about how if CruelRice were to set their house on fire hypothetically, they would still consider themselves a fan. She took this as an opportunity to express an interest in fire that slightly paralleled pyromania, the obsessive desire to set things on fire.

"Honestly, sometimes I just really like the idea of setting things on fire. Not like houses or living beings, but I like watching things burn."

She then scavenged around her room for a candle and lighter before setting the candle alight for the camera. Seconds before the disaster, CruelRice advocated for handling fire safely.

"This fire could really f*** you up on a bad day. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna safely place this fire device away from where I could knock it over and burn myself, or my surroundings, or even my dog. So I'm gonna go put this back where I found it because I'm a responsible adult."

Fans react to Twitch streamer CruelRice's blunder

Once the fire lit up a strand of CruelRice's hair, chat lost it. A viewer made a reference to camping, given that lighting a fire safely is very important to surviving outdoors. Another viewer joked about the incident being a "great start to the stream."

(image via CruelRice/Twitch)
(image via CruelRice/Twitch)

They also found the streamer's excuse hilarious. CruelRice justified the crisp burn in her hair as an excuse to get "a haircut anyway."

Viewers in the chat also referenced the clip as "LSF worthy," referring to the infamous subreddit r/LiveStreamFail. This ended up being true, and Reddit users found the incident amusing as well.

Another viewer took a jab at CruelRice's statement where she referred to herself as a responsible adult. Many fans also found the fact that she was quite literally preaching fire safety before almost causing harm to herself humorous.

Immediately after putting out the small flame, CruelRice appeared to be completely fine, albeit freaked out. She examined her hair on stream and told chat that she would probably cut the affected hair strand off camera.

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