What does 'Technoblade Never Dies' mean?

Technoblade never dies (Image via Technoblade/YouTube)
Technoblade never dies (Image via Technoblade/YouTube)

Technoblade might have passed away recently, but his legacy will live on through the millions of people he entertained and inspired. He will live on through his insanely popular YouTube videos and streams. One of the ways people have expressed their grief and support towards the late Minecraft legend is by using the often quoted words from his fans:

"Technoblade Never Dies"

The phrase used to commend Alex's amazing Minecraft skills is the perfect way to honor his memory. As news of his passing away spread, the phrase started trending on Twitter as millions of tweets flooded the platform expressing their sorrow, grief, and respect for Techno. Let's trace where the phrase came from and how the Minecraft community has used it over the years.


How the phrase 'Technoblade Never Dies' originated

Techno himself was an OG Minecraft player who joined the famous Dream SMP server way back in 2013. His insane skills and game sense quickly propelled his YouTube channel to reach new heights, and last year he hit 10 million subscribers on his channel.


The streamer first uttered the iconic phrase as he struggled to fight in the Nether on Dream SMP. After reaching safety and catching a break, Techno went on an adrenaline-fuelled speech about how he never dies:

"Not even close, baby! Technoblade never dies. Never question me again, chat. I don't care how many mobs ambush me. I don't care if they're a whole wither army. I don't care if 12 withers spawn on my location. I am incapable of death, iron armor, no helmet. Doesn't matter, I do not die. I do not die!"

When someone in the chat called it a lucky escape, Techno replied with:

"Yeah, I am pretty lucky because I was born Technoblade. Incapable of death, the immortal. Thank you very much."

The most obvious way one can use the phrase is, therefore, an affirmation of his abilities as a Minecraft player. His initial content was his stunning performances in game modes such as Blitz.

Techno himself popularized the phrase after repeatedly using it while going for his 1,000-match winning streak in Bedwars, which they almost turned into 2k but sort of gave up. It was natural for fans to use the phrase as a way to boost morale and show support for the streamer who won 1,800 matches in a row.

However, Techno's skills aren't the only reason fans use the expression. Dream SMP is a roleplaying server where each character has a backstory to themselves created by the player. While not specifically stated by Technoblade, fans have had multiple theories about why the streamer never canonically died on the server.


Many have whole YouTube videos sharing their theories, and in one such video, the YouTuber MaeDae17 explains that Techno, being a pig in the game, might be related to the piglin mobs of the game. And like mobs, the gamer only has one life on the Dream SMP server, explaining why he never dies. Because if he does, he cannot be brought back, considering he is not a human character.

After his real-life battle with cancer ended on June 30, fans, fellow streamers, and the gaming community in general began using the catchphrase as a sign of respect and reverence towards the Minecraft star.

As we all believe , Technoblade never dies . We all will miss you deeply :(

His impact on the gaming community and his popularity in Minecraft circles can be evidenced by how the developers added a crowned pig to the latest Minecraft Java edition splash screen.

The immense amount of love and respect for the streamer has flooded Twitter and Reddit with countless fan art and heartwarming messages in Techno's memory. With so much support from the community, it is as clear as a bright sunny day: Technoblade Never Dies!

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