"Where are the callouts?": xQc outraged at lack of scrutiny against smaller Twitch streamers who keep streaming gambling content

xQc reacts to Trainwreckstv
xQc reacts to Trainwreckstv's rant about slots streamers on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)

In the initial stages of his stream from yesterday, Felix "xQc" reacted to Trainwreckstv's rant about smaller Twitch streamers still gambling on the website despite the restrictions and huge backlash faced by the bigger streamers.

Felix was quite blunt with his argument, calling out the people who were outraged at him streaming Slots and other gambling-sponsored content last year which ultimately led to Twitch severely restricting the genre, effectively killing off the viewer base.

At the start of his stream, xQc came across a Trainwreckstv clip on r/LivestreamFail about the fact that a number of small streamers were still gambling without anybody bringing it up. He found it quite unfair that the "20-50K" viewers were not being called out by people whose complaints spurred the Amazon-owned company into action in October. xQc lamented:

"Chat where is all the outrage from the anti-gamba andys? Where are all the f*cking tweets, all the, 'Yo guys, this is a rampant problem.' Where are all the f*cking problems? All these guys combined have 20-50K, 30K viewers, right? Where's everybody gone at? Where are all the callouts?"

"Not just gambling now": xQc echoes Trainwreckstv's concerns about lingering presence of gambling on Twitch, criticizes lack of backlash despite TOS violation

For those out of the loop, last year in September, calls on Twitch from a few prominent streamers such as Pokimane, Mizkif, and HasanAbi were amplified after the ItsSliker gambling scam came to light. With many big creators publicly asking for some form of intervention, the platform finally announced a series of restrictions on Slots and other betting content.

A large crypto casino, which was included in the list of banned websites, was Boasting partnerships with big streamers such as xQc, Tyker "Trainwreckstv," and pop stars such as Drake, Stake has become one of the most recognizable gambling destinations online. Their recent tie-up with the Alfa Romeo F1 Team has also come under scrutiny from the public.

Tyler is even on record stating that he earned an absurd amount of money, $360 million, over a period of 16 months from just streaming such content on his channel. While there are legitimate concerns from a wide variety of people apprehensive about the streamer's influence on a primarily young audience, there are still existing channels on Twitch that continue to stream under the Slots and Virtual Casino categories.

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xQc was talking about those very channels when he claimed that the people streaming such content were not only gambling without facing the backlash, but they were apparently also breaking Twitch Terms of Service:

"They are not only gambling now, they are breaking Twitch Terms of Service... People care less about these guys than whatever I was doing even though it was allowed on the site. Isn't that f*cking insane?"

xQc went on to deride the people who were not protesting:

"If you're going to fight the fight, don't say that, 'Oh dude, I'm doing it cus it's the right thing to do.' Nah, you're doing it just because you're a f*cking virtue signalling p*ssy a*s b*tch."

"The ban has done its job": Social media reacts to xQc's rant

r/LivestreamFail had a variety of reactions to the rant. Some even disputed the streamer, claiming that the restrictions on gambling had done their job by reducing viewership on the platform. Here are some of the reactions from the streamer-related subreddit:

Trainwreckstv and his close ties with Stake and Kick have been a recurring topic of discussion in the streaming community. Here are some ways he has criticized Twitch in the last few months.

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