Why Fortnite’s Batman Glider is telling players to "Not Trust Fish"

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Recently, aTwitter user @TweaBR shared news of a new leak that finally gives players a look at Batman’s new Zero Wing Glider in Fortnite.

The Fortnite leak suggests Batman will be having trust issues on Fortnite Island. As fans get closer to the official release of the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point miniseries, more leaks are starting to be revealed as well.

Players have already seen nearly all six of the Batman-related rewards that come with obtaining DLC codes. The glider itself looks quite cool and also has a secret message written on its topside.

Batman’s Zero Wing Glider

The new glider looks like a hybrid of the Ben Affleck Batwing and the Christian Bale Batwing. It’s got a very nice design overall, and its secret message is hidden in plain sight.

On the new gliders' top right-side, a message that reads “DON’T TRUST FISH” is legible but written backwards. It’s the only piece of writing that is legible on the Batman glider, but it creates some speculation as to what might occur in the comics.

Of the pages from the comics that have made it online, it's apparent that Batman does remember some things at times. It appears that he writes several messages to himself in hopes of remembering certain things.

Some comic panels have shown messages in regards to the Fortnite Loop, coordinates, and possible allies. Having “DON’T TRUST FISH” written on the glider only furthers the fact that Batman is trying to keep tabs on everyone.

Batman Fighting Moisty Merman (Image via Twitter)
Batman Fighting Moisty Merman (Image via Twitter)

It’s probably clear that “FISH” refers to the one and only Fishstick. Fishstick is in the comics and does come out pointing a harpoon gun directly at Batman in one of the panels.

It seems at this point, one of two things is going to be the likely scenario as to why this message is written. The first could be that Fishstick did something to Batman early on, and he’s trying to remember what it is.

Much like Fishstick being a double-agent of sorts or just working for the bad guys. The second scenario is that Batman is trying to keep messages for himself, and Fishstick is just someone he doesn't trust in general.

As of writing this, the Batman Zero Wing Glider has been removed from its original sourced website. It appears it was a clear leak and has been leaked unintentionally, which could also mean the overall render is incomplete.

The only way to know for sure is to keep up with the upcoming Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point miniseries, which launches in just three days.

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