Will there be a beta version for Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG): Everything we know so far

Battlegrounds Mobile India beta release recap (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Battlegrounds Mobile India beta release recap (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)
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With every passing day, gamers are wondering whether Battlegrounds Mobile India will have a beta version or not.

This highly-awaited title was announced on May 6th, and ever since, gamers have taken an active interest in it. Recently, popular data miners even leaked the probable dates of the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The leak of the release date has ignited speculation regarding the game's beta release, the possibility of which this article discusses.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Possibility of a beta release

Several videos have started going viral over the internet of late. These videos contain the gameplay of PUBG Mobile. However, the content creators claimed these clips belonged to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

These personalities have also claimed that Battlegrounds Mobile India has released a beta version, and specific influencers have used them.

Usually, the developers release a beta version before the actual release of the game.

But gamers have readily believed the claims of these few content creators. It is to be reported that Battlegrounds Mobile India is yet to release a beta version of the game, and the videos are edited and fake.

Popular gaming influencers have addressed the issue and revealed that the game wouldn't have a beta version.

PUBG Mobile influencer Dynamo spoke out regarding the issue after the videos went viral. He stated that there wouldn't be any beta version, and Battlegrounds Mobile India will be released directly.


Another famous influencer, Kronten, released a similar statement regarding the beta release.

The revelation of these two popular gaming streamers is enough to state that Battlegrounds Mobile India will not release any beta version of the game.

Developer Krafton Inc., too, has not released any official statement regarding the beta release. It is doubtful that the game will release a test version without an official announcement from the developers.

The release date leak indicates that Battlegrounds Mobile India will release in the third week of June. Since the date is nearby, it is expected that the game won't have any beta version.

Gamers are advised not to rely on these viral videos on the internet. It is also advisable to visit the developers' official website and keep an eye on any official statements.

The developers are yet to confirm the date of the release. Hence, it is expected that Krafton will be releasing an official statement soon.

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