xQc accepts Zerkaa's offer of joining as a goalkeeper at Sidemen Charity Match 2023

xQc responded to Zerkaa
xQc responded to Zerkaa's offer during a livestream on June 9, 2023 (Images via xQc and Zerkaa/Twitter)

Popular Twitch personality Felix "xQc" returned to his channel on June 9, 2023. During the Just Chatting segment, he came across a clip of Sidemen member Josh "Zerkaa," saying that he could arrange for Felix to be a goalkeeper at the upcoming Sidemen Charity Match 2023. The French-Canadian was overjoyed to hear this and gladly accepted the offer. He said:

"Yeah! I can be a goaler!"

"If I commit, I full commit!" - xQc responds to Zerkaa's offer of being a goalkeeper at the Sidemen Charity Match 2023

xQc was 28 minutes into his broadcast earlier today when he stumbled upon a clip featuring Zerkaa. In it, fans requested that the latter "leak" the names of the personalities who will compete in the Sidemen Charity Match 2023. Unfortunately, the Briton was unable to reveal the information.

He did, however, offer Felix the position of goalkeeper:

"Hey, Mr. xQc. I saw you react to the Sidemen video recently. I've not seen the reaction. You said you want to be a goaler at some point, you know? If you want to be a goaler, maybe, I can make it happen. If you get diving around your room again, you want to be a goaler, a goalkeeper, it's possible! It'd be very cool!"

Zerkaa also stated that he would be disheartened if the 27-year-old agreed to participate but failed to show up:

"If you actually show up, though. If you're going to commit, you have to show up. You can't not show up, please! I'm very sad if you said yes and then didn't show up.

xQc was elated to hear the offer and immediately agreed to participate in the Sidemen Charity Match. He went on to say that if he commits to something, he is "fully committed" to it:

"Okay, okay, okay. Real s**t, though... chat, I would have to know - okay, I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding! If I commit, I full commit. I don't know when it is. Right? What are the requirements and if I can handle it? I mean, I can handle it. I can put my knee brace and I'm chilling. I'm chilling!"

The Twitch star assured his audience that he can be a goalkeeper:

"Chat, I can goaler! Chat, I used to do... Guys, I used to be goaler in... handball!"

Timestamp: 00:28:00

Fans react to the streamer's response

xQc's response to Zerkaa's offer attracted over 82 fan reactions on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Here's what netizens had to say:

According to one Redditor, Felix's collaboration with Sidemen would be "pretty sick." Others, however, were skeptical of the Quebec native making it to the football match.

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