Watch: xQc is stunned by s1mple’s perfect gameplay during BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022

xQc reacts to s1mple (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc reacts to s1mple (Image via Sportskeeda)

The BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022 was a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) esports competition held from June 15 to June 19, 2022, at Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal.

Felix "xQc" recently took to Twitch to react to the gameplay of the semi-final match of the playoff stage between Ukrainian esports organization Natus Vincere (NaVi) and Danish team OG.

Watch how s1mple gets 4 kills in a row in BLAST Premier Spring Finals

Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev is a 24-year-old Ukrainian CS:GO professional esports gamer. He was previously on the 2021 Team of the Year roster. Playing in the semis of the playoffs of the BLAST Premier Spring Finals, the Ukrainian obliterated four of OG's members in the fourth round of the match.

s1mple first took out Degster, then found Nexa crouching in the corner and took him out. He headshoted FIKU after jumping to the ground from his vantage point and finally killed NEOFRAG with a headshot as well. The Ukraine-based organization wiped the floor, destroying all five OG members in 30 seconds.

Reacting to the epic gameplay by s1mple, xQc said:

"What the f***? What the f***? Actually, this (is) very, very insane."

The commentators and crowd went berserk at the display of s1mple's lethal yet efficient skills. The announcer shouted:

"Oh filthy! Absolutely FILTHY!"

To which xQc replied:

"Actually not normally (normal)."


Natus Vincere went on to win the Grand Finale after defeating OG 2-1. In their final bout, they faced Team Vitality, a French esports organization. NaVi easily won the round 2-0 against them.

The BLAST prize pool was 425,000 US Dollars. The Ukrainian organization received 200,000 US Dollars for their first-place finish, while the second, third, and fourth-placed, Team Vitality, G2 Esports, and OG, received 85,000 and 40,000 US Dollars, respectively. The fifth to sixth and seventh to eighth-placed teams also received 20 and 10 thousand US Dollars each.

NaVi will now prepare to participate in the BLAST Premier: World Final 2022, which is expected to take place in December of this year. Faze and Navi are the two confirmed teams so far, owing to their PGL Major and Spring Finals wins.

This is how the fans reacted to the BLAST playoffs

Fans were naturally very ecstatic upon seeing a great tournament where the gameplay is of the highest standard. Here is what the fans had to add:

s1mple also won the Spring Finals tournament MVP. This was his 20th MVP overall in esports gaming. He was also the World Finals 2021 and Fall Finals 2021 MVP.

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