Watch: xQc reveals he has lost over $2 million while gambling and playing slots

xQc gets on a call with Greekgodx and reveals losing $2 million while gambling (Image via xQcOW/Twitch)
xQc gets on a call with Greekgodx and reveals losing $2 million while gambling (Image via xQcOW/Twitch)

Twitch star Felix "xQc" has been a somewhat controversial figure recently. Several prominent streamers have provided their thoughts on the former Overwatch star gambling after he agreed to host a sponsored gambling stream affiliated with the infamous slots website Stake.

Felix has often been seen playing slots and gambling a ton of money on stream during the second half of his broadcast. During a recent livestream, he was joined by Greekgodx, and both spoke about various subjects.

The subject of gambling came up, and the French-Canadian sensation seemingly revealed that he had lost over $2 million while gambling and playing slots.

xQc talks with Greekgodx and reveals how much he has lost to gambling

In the past few months, the online star has been making headlines after confessing that he is still addicted to gambling and invariably finds a way or two to gamble things in various games.

While he was queueing up to play some competitive games of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, xQc asked Greekgodx if the latter was aware of the amount he had lost the previous day while gambling.

Felix mentioned one number and said that he had lost "two." Greekgodx sarcastically began speculating on the amount and said:

"Oh, $2. That's not that bad. Get back in there, buddy, spend a couple more."

The 26-year-old gamer slyly mentioned two million, but Greekgodx seemed to ignore it. He kept on speculating on the amount:

"Oh, $200. Oh, $2000? Jesus! Wait a second. It's not $2000, is it? It's $20,000. Oh my god, that is ridiculous. Wait a second, no, no, $200,000 you lost? Jesus!"

xQc began laughing at Greekgodx's witty speculation, saying:

"Yeah, it seems a little crazy. What can I say?"

Timestamp: 09:28:04

The internet personality wanted to stop conversing on the subject and finally mentioned:

"Greek, it was $2 million! Aware!"

A game of CS: GO popped up, and the gamer began playing a competitive round of the FPS title.

Fans react to xQc revealing him losing $2 million

Audiences on the subreddit r/LivestreamFail discussed the streamer, and several Redditors mentioned Greekgodx by saying that he was being obnoxious during the call.

Some Redditors speculated that the Twitch streamer must have made a lot of money from referring his fans to use his promo code on Stake.

This is not the first time Felix has discussed losing a ton of money while gambling. Earlier this month, he joined Imane "Pokimane" on their much-awaited podcast, and the former revealed that he had lost $1.85 million while gambling in April.

The Twitch star received a call from his father the following day, live on stream, expressing his concerns by scolding him for gambling and losing money.