"I think it was f**king stupid": xQc shares his thoughts about viral Will Smith slap at Oscars 2022

xQc talks about "The Slap" and gives his take (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc talks about "The Slap" and gives his take (Image via Sportskeeda)

Felix "xQc" is one of the latest streamers to chime in with his views on the controversy surrounding the Oscars 2022, where actor Will Smith went up onstage to slap comedian Chris Rock.

The assault has since gone on to be widely known simply as "The Slap." A few streamers called this an "awesome" thing, while others spoke out against Will Smith's violent actions and didn't seem to side with him.

xQc was among the latter; unhappy with how Will Smith expressed himself during the Oscars 2022. According to him, violence is never the right option, and people making jokes about it and praising Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock are in the wrong.

Providing his opinion on the subject, the Twitch star said:

"But I think it's just f***ing stupid."

xQc talks about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the Oscars 2022

The Canadian streamer had just begun his daily livestream and was about 10 minutes in. As per usual, he decided to catch up with the trending topics on the internet and the debacle during the Oscars was one of the biggest topics on YouTube at the time.

Reacting to the Guardian's uncensored clip of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, xQc said:

"Man, that was odd. Also, you guys can call me soy or whatever chat, but I don’t think escalating to phyiscal stuff is ever like, okay."

Providing a reasonable take and not making jokes about this topic, the former professional Overwatch player said:

"I get it. People are like, haha it's funny dude, slapped them dude, f***ing rolled his a** and blah blah."

He went on to say that escalating anything to physical violence is never the right option, according to him. Giving the rationale behind his opinion, the streamer said:

"I think escalating to physical violence is never the right option even if its just a slap. I don't think it is needed. And even if you want to do that, you could've done it later or at the other times. I don’t know. Sorry man. I could laugh or make jokes. Sorry man, Will Smith is kind of an L."

Trying to understand the context behind Will Smith hitting Chris Rock, he went on to watch the video a second time and asked his chat about Rock's joke that riled up Smith, saying:

"It's just... I don't know, it's kind of like L Smith for real because I don't think it was a joke guys. What was the joke? I don't get it. What is G.I. Jane? Is it like G.I. Joe?"

xQc tried to comprehend the context when he went on to Google for more information. Soon enough, after five more minutes, he moved on from the subject and went on to react to more content sent to him by his viewers in the Twitch chat.

Fans react to xQc's take regaring the Oscars controversy

Fans and audiences on Reddit agreed with what the Twitch streamer had to say regarding this topic. Many were surprised to see people defending Will Smith for his actions.

A few joked about this.

Even a day after the event, the topic continues to make headlines as new reactions keep popping up. Other streamers like Chance "Sodapoppin" had somewhat of a similar opinion, saying that the slap was a childish move.