xQc vs Adept: New information reveals no spousal support to Adept and payment of lawyer fees

YouTuber Henry Resilient provided new information for the xQc-Adept court case (Images via xQc and AdeptTheBest/Twitter)
YouTuber Henry Resilient provided new information about the xQc-Adept court case (Images via xQc and adeptthebest/Twitter)

On March 10, 2023, YouTuber Henry Resilient provided new information about the xQc vs Adept case by revealing a brand new set of court documents. The content creator showcased a judge's ruling that hadn't been signed as an "official court order."

According to the ruling, xQc wasn't required to pay $500,000 to Adept. Additionally, the latter would be denied spousal support and would be compelled to pay her own legal fees.


YouTuber Henry Resilient provides details about a new development in the xQc-Adept court case

At the 57-minute mark of his livestream on March 10, 2023, Henry Resilient revealed the judge's order in the xQc-Adept court case. The document was signed by Brandy Hallford, a judge in the County Court at Law 1.

In the ruling, Adept was denied the "Request for Security for Compliance." An excerpt from the document reads:

"Petitioner (Adept) requests that the Court order Respondent (xQc) to execute a bond, subject to the Court's approval, or to deposit security with the Court of $500,000.00 payable to SAMANTHA LOPEZ, conditioned on Respondent's compliance with the Williamson County Standing Order and any other temporary orders and injunctions that have been or will be issued by this Court."

After reading through all of the other details, Henry Resilient mentioned that the document was "technically not" a court order and that it was the judge's ruling:

"It's technically not a court order yet. This is her ruling. She ruled on it but it hasn't been signed as an official court order. So this is a ruling and he will get the court order in the mail. It has to be drafted by her attorney. She'll prepare a temporary order."

Timestamp: 00:56:50

The content creator then summarized what xQc agreed to on the record:

"He doesn't have to do the bond. He agreed on record. I think, he was what, no spending? No buying clothesror no gambling. One of them was no gambling. One of them was no jury. But everything else, pretty much already agreed."

He then provided more details about Adept's situation and claimed that if she didn't "win" anything, she would be compelled to pay xQc:

"Moving forward, she's not getting no spousal support. She's not getting lawyer fees. And she better hope she wins something, or she's going to have to pay him out."

Fans react to the YouTuber's clip

Henry Resilient's clip quickly went viral on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, receiving over 380 comments in less than an hour. Some of the most pertinent reactions were along these lines:

For context, the controversy began on January 8, 2023, when Felix abruptly ended his livestream after Adept claimed that he was "violating court orders."

Following this debacle, the online community discovered documents which revealed that the two streamers were legally married. The French-Canadian icon later denied these rumors, claiming that he was not married to Adept.