"I don't want you talking about the divorce on your Twitch" - YouTuber provides details about the alleged "divorce" of xQc and Adept

YouTuber provides details about a legal document talking about the alleged divorce of xQc and Adept (Images via xQc and Adept/Twitter)
YouTuber provides details about a legal document talking about the alleged divorce of xQc and Adept (Images via xQc and Adept/Twitter)

During a livestream on January 24, YouTuber Henry Resilient revealed details about Twitch streamers Felix "xQc" and Sammy "Adept's" alleged divorce. He reviewed a nine-page-long legal document titled "Original Petition for Divorce."

According to the document, xQc and Adept got married on August 25, 2020, and "ceased to live together as spouses" on October 31, 2022. Henry Resilient then provided context for the temporary restraining order, stating that it's present in "every divorce" that's filed in Texas.

The YouTuber explained what was mentioned in the "Request for Permanent Injunction" section and stated:

"So basically, 'Let's get divorced and I don't want you talking about the divorce on your Twitch. I don't want you talking about it on YouTube.' Now you would think like, 'Why would you not want him to talk about the divorce on his Twitch or YouTube?' Why would that be?"

YouTuber Henry Resilient investigates xQc and Adept's alleged divorce documents

The investigation into xQc and Adept's alleged divorce documents began at the 20-minute mark of Henry Resilient's livestream (on January 24), when he read out the two parties named in the filing. He stated:

"'This suit is brought to you by Samantha Lopez, who is AdeptTheBest, petitioner. The last three numbers of her social; we don't care. We don't dox people over here. I never will, never have. And her husband, Felix Lengyel, okay? People think this is lightly but this is major. Remember, he's worth $9 million and one of the biggest streamers in Twitch."

According to Henry Resilient, the dates of marriage and separation mentioned in the document were "very specific:"

"'The parties were married,' this is the JDF one. 'Married on or about May 17 and have ceased to live together as husband and wife.' You see the difference? Instantly see husband and wife were married on this date. Their marriage date is August 25, 2020 and that's very specific. Right? That's very specific! Very specific, okay?"

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The next section that the YouTuber focused on was the "Request for Permanent Injunction," claiming that it was an "important" part. He read out the contents of the legal document:

"Respondent, which is xQc, will be prohibited. Enjoined is the fancy word for prohibited. 'To taking any steps to stalk, harass, threaten, or otherwise intimidate Petitioner, including but not limited to discussing the litigation on any social network profile (including, but not limited to, on his Twitch stream or YouTube account).'"

Henry Resilient inferred that the Petitioner (Adept) did not want the Respondent (xQc) to discuss the divorce on Twitch or YouTube. The YouTuber continued further, saying:

"But it's a very specific reason you would want to silence him for not talking about the divorce on his platforms. 'Or directing any followers on any social network platforms to use harassing language to communicate with the other party, threaten the other party, or take any unlawful action against the other party.'"

Henry Resilient used an example to explain what the aforementioned statement meant:

"So what you see on Twitch is... let's just say I'm beefing with Dust Productions, right? I'll say, 'Hey, everybody! Go on Dust Productions' channel and put HR in the comments! You know, we're going to bomb his chat, okay?' That would get you banned on YouTube; I mean on Twitch. Probably on YouTube, too. I would never do that."

Fans react to the YouTuber discussing xQc and Adept's alleged divorce documents

The YouTuber's clip was the top post on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, attracting more than 1,000 fan reactions. Here are some relevant comments from the streamer-focused forum:

The controversy between xQc and Adept began earlier this month (on January 8, 2023), when the former abruptly ended his livestream after the latter claimed that he was "violating court orders."

Subsequently, public records were leaked online, with numerous community members speculating that the two internet personalities were married. During a livestream on January 11, xQc addressed the rumors, asserting that he was not married.