"You're actually lying to me!" - Deji reacts to Sidemen member Miniminter buying a billboard in London celebrating his success

Miniminter rents a billboard featuring pictures of Deji (Image via Sportskeeda)
Miniminter rents a billboard featuring pictures of Deji (Image via Sportskeeda)

UK YouTuber-cum-boxer Oladeji "Deji" was left stunned after Sidemen member Simon "Miniminter" bought an entire hoarding in London to celebrate the former's recent accomplishments.

After three back-to-back losses in his influencer boxing journey, Deji finally won earlier this year against American YouTuber Yousef "Fousey." Following his victory, Deji announced he would take on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. Their exhibition match took place in Dubai on November 13, where Deji lost through a 6th-round TKO.

As a token of appreciation, Miniminter decided to commemorate his recent success by displaying it in a digitalized hoarding in front of Tottenham Court Road in Central London, which is accessible to most commuters.

"You're actually lying to me!"

Miniminter surprises Deji with a hoard of gifts and leaves him speechless

Being a close associate and friend of KSI, Miniminter has struck a chord with the former's younger brother, Deji, since their school days. However, they did have a brief period of animosity between themselves, which, by Simon's own admission, is something he feels bad about.

Earlier this week, the Sidemen member uploaded a video celebrating Deji's recent success. As a token of appreciation for their friendship, Simon gave several gifts to Deji. Among the presents included things like portraits and a diamond necklace. However, the biggest gift, literally and figuratively, given to Deji came in the form of a billboard at one of the hottest locations in London.

Looking at the hoarding, Deji reacted:

"You're lying to me! Shut the front door! What?!"

(Timestamp: 00:12:29)

Explaining off camera, Simon said:

"The billboard, I do this all the time, but this time it's extra special. It is the front of Outernet at Tottenham Court Road."

He also revealed to Deji that he had hired the billboard for an entire week. The billboard featured several notable pictures of the YouTuber's boxing career.

Deji reacted by adding:

"Wait, that's there for a week? Oh my god! Ay, ay, this is the spot!"

Simon comically responded by stating that Deji might try to kiss him. To which the latter said:

"I might, come here."

He concluded:

"That's probably the best present I've ever received. I'm not even lying."

"Minter is full of surprises" - Fans react to Miniminter's gesture towards Deji

Deji was not the only one left surprised at the sight of the exorbitant gifts. Fans joined in to express their reactions as well. Many also indicated that Simon always provides the best gifts. Here are some of the reactions:

Fans react to Simon's gifts (Image via MiniminterShorts/YouTube)
Fans react to Simon's gifts (Image via MiniminterShorts/YouTube)

Simon is one of seven members of Sidemen, a popular UK YouTube group. The group also features the likes of KSI, W2S, Vikkstar123, Behzinga, TBJZL, and Zerkaa.

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