"Next esports superstar": CS: GO responds to Neymar Jr, and the internet can't keep calm

Image via NeymarJr / Twitch
Image via NeymarJr / Twitch

One of the best footballers globally, Neymar Jr, is now being hailed as the next "esports superstar."

This follows a series of phenomenal victories in the popular multiplayer FPS, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS: GO.

Apart from mesmerizing fans with his displays on the pitch, he happens to be quite the star of it, too, with more than a million followers on Twitch.

From pulling off ridiculous aces to receiving a Twitch ban recently, Neymar is undoubtedly no stranger to the streamer life.

It now looks like his exploits in the gaming world have attracted attention from the Twitter handle of CS: GO themselves, as they recently retweeted a post by Esports Insider Rod "Slasher" Breslau:

This interaction has now left fans excited, with several urging organizations to sign the Paris Saint-Germain forward.

Neymar Jr is ready to take over the world of esports

Neymar is a name that needs no introduction, and the flamboyant Brazilian left-winger, known for setting the pitch on fire with his crisp finishes and sublime skills, has been taking the gaming world by storm of late.

So much so that Esports Talk host Jake Lucky recently reported that the 28-year-old might very well be interested in starting an organization:

His recent clip, where he effortlessly overshadows CS: GO pros to rack up precise kills, has won over the internet.

What makes him a top draw is his infectious energy, an absolute delight to watch for fans worldwide.

In light of his recent CS: GO exploits, the internet has been in awe of his skills on and off the pitch. Many took to Twitter to rave about a potential esports superstar in the making:

As the internet continues to go gaga over the former Barcelona aces' CS: GO skills, fans will undoubtedly be keeping their eyes peeled for any sort of announcement related to Neymar and the bustling world of esports.

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