Olympus to make return in Apex Legends Season 12 with significant map updates

Get ready to jump back into Olympus (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Get ready to jump back into Olympus (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Soureesh Datta

The evolution of Apex Legends has brought us magnificent new maps brimming with gameplay potential, such as Storm Point and World's Edge. Such maps have always kept the gameplay fresh for new players as well as veterans.

Olympus first appeared in Season 7 and was very popular among both casual and hardcore players. It was removed during Season 11 so that other maps could have their time on the pool of arenas. The rotation mechanic gives equal exposure to every map in the game.

Olympus Map update is coming in Season 12. #ApexLegends

Season 12 of Apex Legends to bring back Olympus

Season 12 gives players a chance to drop back into this incredible map that had been missing for the entirety of Season 11. Olympus is the home of Legends, such as Octane, Horizon, and Lifeline. It will be interesting to see what more fans will be able to find out about these characters in Season 12.

Although it may not be the Olympus that users have known previously, the Season 12 launch trailer shows Octane's father, Duardo Silva, devising a plan to phase Olympus to a completely different location.

What does the future hold for Apex Legends and Olympus

From Bonsai Plaza to Solar Array, gamers only have a few guesses about the new changes inside the map. A lot remains up to speculation as fans look towards February, when they can finally play in Olympus again.

It'll be exciting to see all the tweaks implemented both gameplay and lore-wise in the new season.


Until then, fans can only theorize on the consequences of Silva's plan for Olympus and how it will affect the legends who call Olympus their home. Furthermore, there is also the question of why Mad Maggie is the perfect scapegoat for Silva to use for his plans.

These are questions that players will dwell on until the new season's release and why they have their eyes peeled for any new media that comes from the new season.

It is to the credit of the developers, Respawn, that users are still so excited to play an already-released map. With the correct combination of lore and gameplay innovations, Respawn has made each season exciting and different for Apex Legends gamers.

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