Outriders expeditions guide: Everything players need to know about leveling up quickly

(Image via People Can Fly)
(Image via People Can Fly)
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Outriders, the newest looter shooter game, has grown extremely popular and left players wondering just how fast they can level up.

Outriders remain a top seller on platforms such as Steam. While some players have already beaten the game, some are just starting and need to know how to level up fast to be the strongest. Currently, players max out at level 30 in Outriders, but that doesn’t mean players have to stop there!

There are other ways to level up and get the best gear.

Leveling Up in Outriders

Even though players max out at level 30 at the moment, there are still other ways to increase a player's in-game potential. At this point, when a player reaches level 30 altogether, they should be focusing on increasing their World Tiers to get even more powerful loot and find some of the legendary weapons and armor.

Just keep in mind, the more a player levels up, the stronger the enemies will be.

Reaching Level 30

An unconventional way to reach level 30 is to lower a player's World Tier. This should be the case since with lower World Tiers players can make it extremely easier and much faster to farm. Though some enemies will be tougher, the overall farming process will be well worth it.

With enemy levels going up as players level up, if their build isn't strong, then chances are they won’t survive. So be sure to have the most up-to-date build for whichever Outriders class is selected.

Players should complete any and all quests available when wanting to level up. Honestly, players get much more than just XP from doing challenges. Sometimes, a player will even be only a few levels away from level 30 after completing a good amount of side quests before the campaign mode even ends. Plus, quests like Wanted and Hunters give players a lot more than just XP.

Players should mainly focus on farming and completing challenges for the most part. This ensures a player has the proper gear and other materials to even stand against enemies. Once at level 30, players need to focus on leveling up their World Tiers.

The difficulty will then be increased, but it’ll also be well worth it if done right. However, be sure to kill enemies calmly and collectively as after players die in-game, they do lose all their progress.

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