Outriders: Fans lash out at developers for ruining the game with every update

Fans lash out at developers for ruining the game with every update (Image via People Can Fly, Outriders)
Fans lash out at developers for ruining the game with every update (Image via People Can Fly, Outriders)
Modified 02 May 2021

Despite the rocky start that Outriders had on launch day, the game was continuously fixed, patched, and updated with a lot of zeal from the developers' end. However, as time has gone on, a lot of fans feel like the developers are trying to "kill their own game" every chance they get.

Following major updates since launch, each has been met with more backlash than the last from the Outriders community. The Reddit forum, as well as Twitter, is filled with tweets and comments from enraged fans that have been left at wit's end.

A Reddit user known as u/Dragoloth131 summed up the issue by saying:

"Serious question. Every "patch" seems to make things worse gameplay-wise. And the fact that they are looking into increasing revive time. "Balance" patches that cause more bugs, instead of just fixing a broken game. I loved this game and even got a few friends into it. It just seems they are actively trying to kill this game off."

While it would be understandable if the comment was a one-off from an enraged gamer, the same comments have been made time and time again by many members of the Outriders community.

The general concern is that the developers are more focused on "fixing" the game rather than fixing what the community wants fixed.

Despite the number of patches and updates, network issues alongside inventory and game-related bugs are still persistent and hindering the game experience for many players.

The more recent issue of griefers booting players is yet to be addressed by the developers despite numerous call-outs by players on Twitter. According to the Outriders community, the only way to avoid this issue is by playing with known people.

What exactly is happening with Outriders?

While the Outriders demo was met with enormously positive feedback, the game is not exactly heading in the right direction. According to the Outriders community, every update is hindering the game rather than fixing it.

Even the latest update, which was the largest to date, seems to have broken the game further, and players are still facing issues.

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A member of the Outriders Reddit community opened up about the experience of playing the demo versus the full game.

u/MooseMonarchy had this to say:

"The demo is the reason I bought the game on release. I figured hey, if the demo is solid, I can trust the full release. So wrong. It's the first time in literally years that I paid full price for a game. Never again. I'm going back to waiting a year or two for a game to prove itself AND go on sale. It's not like I don't have any other games to play."

It's unclear why this keeps happening, but the community is near fed up with the constant bugs and nerfs that are being introduced to the game via updates. If things don't improve soon, Outriders could start losing a lot of players in the coming days.

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Published 02 May 2021
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