Outriders: Trolls and griefers go unpunished for kicking players in co-op endgame missions 

Griefers ruin Outriders experience for others (Image via Reddit, u/Rickyy1900)
Griefers ruin Outriders experience for others (Image via Reddit, u/Rickyy1900)
Matthew Wilkins

In a strange turn of events, Outriders has gone from a multiplayer co-op looter/shooter to a game of "let's boot the squad for more loot."

In what can only be described as in-game "trolling," a lot of players from Outriders have been sharing stories of incidents where they have been kicked out of the game by the team leader just before collecting the loot from a boss fight.

It would be understandable if this was just a one-time event; however, dozens of players from the Outriders Community have opened up about these tactics. Griefers are using these tactics to obtain more loot after a massive boss fight.

A Reddit user known as u/Dold5000 sums up the problem:

"After you kill the boss you have to run over and open the resource cache which drops the loot. Assuming they're kicked before the cache is opened so that way there's no loot to auto pick up. A fix would be to disable kicking in the last room of the expedition, they already don't allow people to join you at that stage."

The developers may have missed this issue during the demo and testing stages of the game. Twitter has been filled with complaints from players regarding this reoccurring issue.

To make things worse, the devs are yet to address this issue on their official Twitter handle or reply to the countless players commenting under the Tweet.

Despite numerous posts and complaints about the matter, which have been persisting for well over two weeks, the developers don't seem to have addressed it yet.

Why is mission kicking bad for Outriders players?

Imagine grinding on some of the hardest difficulties for good gear, only to be kicked out before the rewards can be claimed. It's clear to understand why so many players are agitated with the developers not fixing this problem.

According to most players, this shouldn't have been allowed to begin with. If players can't rejoin mid-way, it's only fair that no one will be booted towards the end of the expedition.

As of now, the only way to play without losing out on loot is with friends. Hardly any Outriders players are willing to go Expedition with random players, as they are scared of being booted out of their loot.

First, it was the Devastator class players being kicked out for low DPS. The problem has now further evolved to anyone being booted to allow the hosts to pick up more loot. It's unclear when this problem will be solved.

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