Outriders: How to get the best Burst AR in-game?

Image via Outriders
Image via Outriders
Jorge A. Aguilar "Aggy"

Outriders has an exploit that gives players a burst AR with over 90k firepower.


For this, players need to have Hell's Ranger DLC. This DLC was free for Outriders pre-orderes, but it can be purchased for $6.99. Even if players purchase this Outriders DLC just for this exploit, it's well worth the money.

Once the DLC has been purchased, players will receive an Earthborn Renegade's Assault Rifle. The Earthborn Renegade's Assault Rifle is the only rifle that this trick works with.

This exploit requires players to have a main character that can level up weapons to 50 levels. The main character also needs to have an insane amount of crafting materials. There is no set amount of material the player will need, so there should be plenty in reserve.

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How to craft a burst AR that has over 90k firepower in Outriders

To begin, players must create a new character and gain access to their inbox. The Earthborn Renegade's Assault Rifle should be placed in the stash. This exploit works because players share their stash across multiple characters.

After this, players will need to delete the new character and repeat the process at least 15 times, but the amount of crafting items saved up also impacts how many times it can be done. Players should not go over 30, though, because they will have succeeded far before they can modify the 30th Earthborn Renegade's Assault Rifle.

Players must complete the next few steps all at once. Players cannot leave the vendor menu once they've started this step, so they need to be ready to spend a lot of crafting material in one trip.

If players have enough crafting material, they need to switch to their main player character and go to a vendor. Players need to swap the variant on all of their Earthborn Renegade's Assault Rifles to Tactical.

All players need is for one Earthborn Renegade's Assault Rifle to have over 365 firepower. If there are multiple ARs over 365, then players should choose the weapon with the highest firepower. This is the weapon that they will use for the next step.

Players who don't have any weapons above 365 have the opportunity to recover crafting materials; however, this might not always work. Players report that the game crashes or closes before they can finish with Vendors and their transactions are not saved.

Take the chosen weapon and level it up to 50. If the weapon was at least 365 firepower before being leveled, it will be over 90k firepower after all 50 levels.

This is an exploit that goes against the Terms of service, so it's best if players don't keep the proof in their stash. The best thing to do afterwards is to start a new character and give that character all of the leftover Outriders DLC weapons. After the player deletes their character, all the weapons disappear so that all players will be left with is one excellent Earthborn Renegade's Assault Rifle.

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