Overwatch 2 community believes autoban system is "a joke"

Players experience a broken autoban system in Overwatch (Image via Blizzard)
Players are worried about how broken the Overwatch autoban system is (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

The Overwatch 2 autoban system was introduced as a way to safeguard players from elements. However, players are still not satisfied with the developers regarding its implementation. Many complain about it being broken over numerous forums. It’s allegedly giving false bans to their accounts even without warning.

Similarly, an X user named @Jqmping mocked the current situation of the Overwatch 2 autoban system is a post by saying:

“I reported someone for saying "tank diff 2ez" after losing and perma locking orisa
my msg for the report was "hurted my feelings"
what a joke lol”

The user got a pop-up from Blizzard thanking him for reporting an opponent for apparently hurting his feelings, resulting in that player's account getting banned.

Players are told not to abuse the broken system (Image via X)
Players are told not to abuse the broken system (Image via X)

Despite the user confessing they reported that player jokingly, they didn’t expect such a dire consequence. Some netizens bashed this user’s action and asked them not to do it further, calling the Overwatch 2 autoban system flawed and that it could get someone into trouble without proper reason.

A player explaining the reasons behind the ban (Image via X)
A player explaining the reasons behind the ban (Image via X)
Players backing up the reason behind the ban (Image via X)
Players backing up the reason behind the ban (Image via X)

Conversely, some netizens explained the reasons behind the ban. They said that whenever someone reports a player, Blizzard tends to check all the chat logs of that player for the past couple of weeks. And if they say something remotely close to getting a ban, strict action is taken.

Some players also shared their experiences over the years where they got banned just by saying several non-offensive stuff in the chat. Moreover, some mentioned getting a false ban for the first time without a prior warning from Blizzard. Several such complaints can be found, where players explain how they’re getting auto-banned in Overwatch 2.

Players demand to fix the Overwatch 2 autoban system

Since many accounts are allegedly getting false bans, players demand a more transparent and reliable Overwatch 2 autoban system. While some struggle due to this issue, some tend to abuse this flawed system to ruin others' games. As Blizzard mostly prioritizes the accounts getting reported multiple times, naysayers usually report an account repeatedly so that it's affected by the autoban system.

Despite players getting temporary or permanent bans due to the Overwatch 2 autoban system, the actual issue lies in the cheaters and griefers getting ignored by it. Players reported for these griefer accounts have seen no notifications from Blizzard saying that the account has been banned. Instead of banning those foul accounts, Blizzard is focusing more on the chat logs.

A massive surge regarding this issue took place post the advent of Overwatch 2 Season 10. Since the developers have taken an exceptional step toward fixing the ximming issue for console players in the game recently, the ongoing issue of auto banning could be dealt with next.

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