Partnered Twitch streamer goes on a disturbing rant after getting called out by viewer

A partnered Twitch streamer went on a rant against one of his viewers (Image via Sportskeeda)
A partnered Twitch streamer went on a rant against one of his viewers (Image via Sportskeeda)
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A partnered Twitch streamer, going by the name "SmalltownNGames," went on a rant against one of his viewers, which is now being shared around online.

It reportedly started due to a feud that multiple streamers who play Battlefront 2 on their streams have gotten into, one of which was Smalltown, who was accused of cheating. While he adamantly denied the accusations, other streamers didn't believe him and believed he was lying.

Partnered Twitch streamer berades viewer with abortion and intelligence insults

The situation led to a viewer entering Smalltown's chat to call him out for his alleged lies and overall toxic behavior. He didn't take kindly to these, especially when he found he was getting blamed for what other streamers had done. He quickly began insulting the viewer's intelligence and said some inappropriate things.

"Real smooth brain there, 'ain't ya, kiddo. Was mommy a fan of drinking while pregnant, or did she just use some drain-o cleaner to try and get rid of you because she was too cheap on the abortion?"

After his initial wave of insults, he made his final insult implying the viewer was a failed abortion, saying that their mother should have used a coat hanger.

"Pro-tip: For $20 she can go down to the local Walmart and get a coat hanger, maybe that won't do a better job."

Smalltown then takes a moment to think of more insults to use, breaking the silence by implying that the viewer is mentally impaired and has an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of 40, with the average being 100.

"Don't worry, I understand. It's a hard thing, suffering from 40 IQ. I understand you're probably the smartest kid on your short-bus, but not that smart beyond that. It's okay, you tried."

With this being such a graphic and disturbing series of insults, a user on Reddit shared the clip to r/LivestreamFail, a community that shares and discusses the latest happenings on livestreaming platforms. The post illicited a variety of reactions, but the majority showed their disapproval for the toxic behavior being showcased.

However, the post was quickly deleted due to the discourse that was going on in the replies, which also removed all of the comments made regarding the situation.

Will this situation continue to spread around the internet, gaining more people that may call for SmalltownNGames to be canceled, or will this be forgotten by tomorrow? The internet's attention doesn't stay on one topic for very long, so if something is going to happen with this situation, it will surely happen in the very near future.

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