EA may have unofficially killed Star Wars: Battlefront III with Respawn in charge

There will not be a Battlefront III, if indications are to be believed (Image via Origin)
There will not be a Battlefront III, if indications are to be believed (Image via Origin)
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Star Wars fans have reason to celebrate based on announcements by publishers Electronic Arts (EA), but there could be some disappointment. The iconic movie series has a cult status among fans with its ever-expanding roster of published content, movies, TV and web series.

Along with all that, Star Wars has created an iconic position of its own in the entire video gaming community. From the plastic world of Lego Star Wars to products like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, fans and gamers have got different products.

Not shocking but worth pointing out: Battlefront 3 is basically dead according to "people familiar with the announcement" as EA moves all Star Wars projects to…

There has been a bit of a gap since the Star Wars Squadrons. However, 2022 has brought some much-needed respite for fans. Earlier today, EA confirmed the production of the three games in partnership with Lucasfilms Studios. But amid all the joyous news, there could be some disappointment for fans related to Star Wars: Battlefront.

EA may have sealed the deal for Star Wars: Battlefront II sequel

According to the official news, Respawn will be working on three Star Wars games, all of which will be published under the banner of EA. One of those includes the confirmed sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. There is also news of a new FPS game in the making and a game featuring turn-based tactics.

EA had no announcements over DICE's involvement, and it's for sure that they will not be involved with any Star Wars game. DICE is the same studio that gave gamers Battlefront 1 and 2. With the upcoming three titles being the last under EA's banner, it's for certain that the Battlefront series won't have the third instalment.

We’re excited to announce THREE new Star Wars games officially in the works from @Respawn. Read more and pass on what you’ve learned:

This is a result of DICE's concentration on the Battlefield series. The studio is still managing a huge debacle called Battlefield 2042 and its after-effects. On the other hand, EA is reportedly going to be concentrating on its IPs moving forward. It already has household names like Dead Space, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age.

Battlefront 1 and 2 had no shortage of controversies, especially the second one. It started the first set of attacks on loot box mechanisms in-game. A potential third title may have seen rectification of those problems moving forward. But as things stand, Star Wars: Battlefront II will remain the last Battlefront game in history.

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