15-year-old Twitch streamer NarwhalFPS goes viral after father throws her PC into a pool

15-year-old Twitch streamer shares that her father threw her PC into a pool (Image via Sportskeeda)
15-year-old Twitch streamer shares that her father threw her PC into a pool (Image via Sportskeeda)
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A very interesting incident has been making the rounds on the internet lately. A 15-year-old streamer who goes by NarwhalFPS had her PC thrown into a pool, with photo evidence to back up her claims.

The first post that described this story came from NarwhalFPS's Twitter account, where she attached a photo of a PC at the bottom of a pool, with the caption "my dad threw my pc in the pool."

my dad threw my pc in the pool.

She also made an emotional voice recording that was posted to Twitter, where she tried her best to hold back tears as she explained the situation, with her emotions getting the best of her towards the end of the recording.

"Alright guys, so basically my dad didn't have a good day, and I was having an argument with my sister on the internet. He got mad and threw it in the pool because I wouldn't listen. So yeah, that's pretty cool. I just don't have a PC anymore!"
my dad threw my pc in the poool yay!

NarwhalFPS explains the PC in the pool situation

Around two days later, NarwhalFPS made a much longer recording that was posted to Twitter that gave an update, along with more details about the situation, since the original tweet went viral with many asking for more info. She started the recording by saying that her parents weren't allowing her to accept donations to buy a new PC, so while some were trying to donate money, it wouldn't work.

update on the situation 1/2
"I appreciate all the support, but I don't think my parents will allow me to receive any donations or money to get the PC, so that's out of the picture."

NarwhalFPS then revealed that when her dad got home, he wasn't listening to her side of the argument that she was having with her sister, so she became upset. After getting fed up with the situation, the father then threw the PC into the pool and sat the streamer down to have an hour-long lecture, which she claims was only to tell her how the situation was all her fault.

"I had an argument with my sister because she like messed up my internet and wouldn't talk to me. And then my dad came home, and he didn't really have a good day at work. I asked him to fix it because he's really good at computers. And he fixed it, and he looked at me and told me to stop lying and blaming it on my sister. That happened, and then I started crying because he walked away, and he wouldn't listen to me and like take my point. So then he got fed up and threw my computer in the pool. It sat in the pool for an hour 'cause I had a whole lecture, mostly saying it's my fault."

She then answered if she bought the computer with her own money, which was one of the most asked questions on the situation. She confirmed that she did indeed buy the PC with the money she made on YouTube after going viral four years ago.

"I did buy the computer with my own money, I went viral on YouTube, and I used that money to fund my setup... I don't know what to do, I'm on spring break, and now my spring break's kinda ruined, so that's pretty cool. I don't know what else to say, but I appreciate you guys comforting me because I've never been through this."

NarwhalFPS then stated that even though she couldn't accept donations from people, she didn't want to take the money anyway, and she encouraged people to use the money for themselves.

"I don't want to take anyone's money because I feel like it's my problem in life to deal with. You guys can just use it for your benefits. At the end of the day, a computer's not the end of the world, but it is my passion, and I do like making content and streaming for you guys. And it's just like comforting to me, you know."

She then made a much shorter recording that thanked everyone that was sending such supportive comments to her, saying she has received hundreds of messages that she hasn't been able to respond to.

update on the situation 2/2
"I'll try to get back to the messages that people have been sending me because I have read them I just haven't had the chance to respond because I've gotten hundreds of messages. I'll update you guys, thank you for all your concerns, take care."

An overwhelming number of Twitter users shared their support under each of NarwhalFPS's tweets about the situation, with some saying that she could take her father to court since she bought the PC with her own money. Others attempted to give her advice on how to dry the PC.

@NarwhalFPS being completely serious take it apart and let everything dry for a long time. water by itself doesn’t necessarily break computer parts
@NarwhalFPS If you bought it with your own money you can press charges. Teach him that just because you're his kid doesn't mean he gets to do whatever he wants.
@NarwhalFPS So. For no reason, he just unplugged everything, picked it up and threw it in the pool? Wow…
@NarwhalFPS if he bought it, he’s wasting his own money and if you bought it, you can literally press charges. your dads in a lose lose situation
@NarwhalFPS This sucks...Not much you can do but let it dry, but once it dries you will have corrosion which is the reason water kills electronics. Buy some alkaline water and some 99% alcohol. Dunk everything in that when you can then let it dry again for a few days
@NarwhalFPS I think I would have a mental breakdown if my parents did this to me
@NarwhalFPS This is genuine abuse and gaslighting, none of this is your fault, your father seriously needs to be reprimanded for this shit, you paid for it with your own money which gives him no right to destroy it, if he's not going to pay you back for it, I'd actually recommend...
@NarwhalFPS Pressing charges, and if you're worried about you being taken away from your dad they most likely wouldn't do that, though they would give him a slap on the wrist.
@NarwhalFPS I just wanna say it's crazy to see how mature you are being about this. I swear you are gonna go amazing places after all this mess. Hope you are well tho 🤍
@NarwhalFPS That's emotional abuse bordering on violence. I hope you're able to find a solution to this...if somehow you're able to start taking donations to build a new rig let us know. Stay safe kiddo.

With so many giving NarwhalFPS an overwhelming amount of support, it's possible that this situation could have a happy ending.

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