“Isn’t that nuts?”: Pewdiepie raves about Elon Musk’s new Starlink satellite internet

Pewdiepie shares his review and first impressions on Elon Musk's Starlink service (Image via YouTube/Pewdiepie)
Pewdiepie shares his review and first impressions on Elon Musk's Starlink service (Image via YouTube/Pewdiepie)
Vibha Hegde

Felix "Pewdiepie" Kjellberg is beyond impressed with Elon Musk's new internet service, Starlink.

The famous internet personality is temporarily located in Italy and opened up a test stream on YouTube in order to give the service a whirl. Felix had nothing but good words to say about the Tesla founder's venture.

Pewdiepie thanks Elon for Starlink, praises easy and cheap internet service

Pewdiepie has often mentioned how unsatisfied he has been with internet services in general while he is at home, and especially when he travels. However, the content creator is seemingly sold on Elon Musk's innovative internet service called Starlink, which he tried out during a recent YouTube stream.

@elonmusk world’s top YouTuber streaming live via Starlink@pewdiepie

Currently, the service is only available under beta, which Felix said he got exclusive access to. He explained that the internet he's been using in Italy has been less than satisfactory and that the arrival of his Starlink equipment was not a moment too soon.

"Starlink seems to be working great, thank you Elon, thank you. Saving the planet."

The streamer was given a package with an antenna, which is the only piece of equipment one needs to access the service. As explained by Felix, the only setup required for Starlink is to plug in the antenna and place it outside, pretty much a "plug-and-play" service.

PewDiePie also receive his Starlink @elonmusk another round for meme review with Felix via Starlink.

Pewdiepie stated that he was able to achieve around three times the download speed that he normally gets from his internet at home, an impressive number considering he currently lives in Brighton, England.

Although it was supposedly raining at the time of Pewdiepie's stream, the stream seemed to be going fairly smoothly, which was remarked upon by the streamer himself. When asked about the portability of the device, he explained,

"Yeah the antenna is totally portable, you could literally just, have internet anywhere. As long as you have power, you have internet. You need a power source to plug it in, that's it."

Pewdiepie continued to answer questions from fans who were intrigued by the simplicity of the device. Many asked him if he would continue to use the service, to which he said,

"I mean, I'll bring it anywhere. F***, if I can bring internet with me anywhere that's such a stress reliever of like, being able to travel and not having to worry if the internet's going to be good or not."

It seems Pewdiepie has been completely charmed by Starlink, which will be available worldwide in the future. As described on its official website, Starlink is a high-speed, low-latency internet provider that uses satellite technology.

The device is completely portable and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, hail, wind, snow, and heat.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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