Players are not satisfied with the Apex Legends Season 12 Third Anniversary Event rewards

Dread Captain Themed skins in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Dread Captain Themed skins in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends has stepped onto its third year since its inception, and like every time, they have introduced new skins, cosmetics, and more to their game. The Third Anniversary Collection Event marks the three-year celebration of the game. But some fans feel like the rewards are not up to the mark, and many "fillers" have been used.

The game went through its first seasonal transition and the twelfth overall this year. Many new skins and cosmetics have been introduced along with the Third Anniversary Collection Event, out of which most of them were unsatisfactory.


The Third Anniversary Event rewards in Apex Legends Season 12 have been unsatisfactory so far

Respawn Entertainment has celebrated every anniversary of the game with new skins and cosmetics, and it's no different this time. With the introduction of the Third Anniversary Collection Event, Respawn has brought multiple skins for various legends and a new Prestige Skin for Bloodhound.

However, fans feel that many "fillers" have been brought as well, along with all the skins and cosmetics. After getting holosprays from Apex Packs, players are disappointed and feel that these items should not be included in them.

A lot of other players have followed, and they have started to vent their frustration on Reddit. A player named "SkinniestPhallus" stated that:

“Holosprays should not be part of a collection event. Absolutely no one wants them, and getting them from the free event tracker is so unrewarding.”

Other fellow Redditors also commented that they had received holosprays from packs they had paid for.

Some in the community think that charms, holosprays, banners, and voice lines should not be considered Epic or Legendary items. However, it depends upon Respawn Entertainment to tweak the drops that players get after opening Apex Packs.

This might be a strategy from the studio of Apex Legends to dilute the legendary and epic loot pool with these items. People would then want to buy more packs to get a better drop, ultimately filling the studio's pockets.

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