PMGC 2022 Last Chance Day 2: Teams, map rotation, Day 1 summary, and more 

Top five teams from PMGC Last Chance will advance to Grand Finals (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Top five teams from PMGC Last Chance will advance to Grand Finals (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The second day of the PMGC Last Chance begins on Sunday at 4:15 pm IST, where the remaining six matches will be held across three maps. December 4 also marks the end of the League Stage of the ongoing mega event. The top five teams will also grab their seats in the Grand Finals.

Earlier, 16 teams from the Survival stage came into this phase and completed their 50% matches on Saturday, i.e., December 3. These teams will go toe-to-toe in a do-or-die situation, as the bottom 11 squads will be knocked out of the PMGC.

PMGC Last Chance participants

Here are the 16 squads that are competing in the third phase of the League Stage:

  1. HVVP
  2. LGD Gaming
  3. Vampire Esports
  4. Bacon Time
  5. iNCO Gaming
  6. Alpha 7 Esports
  7. DRS Gaming
  8. IHC Esports
  9. Reject
  10. Game-Lord
  11. Titan Gaming
  12. Besiktas Esports
  13. Damwon Gaming
  14. Agonxi8 Esports
  15. Bigetron RA
  16. Nigma Galaxy

Map rotation

  • Match 1 - Erangel
  • Match 2 - Miramar
  • Match 3 - Sanhok
  • Match 4 - Erangel
  • Match 5 - Miramar
  • Match 6 - Erangel

PMGC Last Chance Day 1 highlights

After an exceptional performance by T2K Esports in the group stage, another Nepali team, DRS Gaming had impressive outings yesterday and is on the verge of qualifying for the PMGC Grand Finals as the team secured first spot after Day 1.

They scored 81 points at an average of around 16 and also won a Chicken Dinner in the fourth match played on the Erangel map. However, to secure a place in the finals, the team must be in consistent form today.

PMGC 2022 Last Chance Stage Day 1 Overall Ranking DRS, A7, IHC,iNCO and TITN are powerful!The Last day of PMGC 2022 League LIVE TOMORROW 10:45 AM UTC+0Download PUBG MOBILE: #PUBGMESPORTS #PMGC2022 #PMGC #BETHEONE #Xperia1IV #PrimeGaming

Alpha 7 Esports was in the second position with 75 points thanks to their Chicken Dinner in that match. The Brazilian powerhouse set up emphatic outings in several matches and ended their first day on a good note.

Mongolian squad IHC Esports looked sublimely from the first game on Saturday. Although the team couldn't secure any chicken dinners, they always found a way to finish in the top half of the points table. Capturing the third spot at the end of the day, the squad scored 64 points with 32 eliminations.

Bigetron RA played exceptionally well on Day 1 compared to their previous stages and is currently in sixth place with 51 points. The team wants to finish in the top five at this PMGC stage.

HVVP MATIC vs IHC GodlessWho will be stronger in Tomorrow's game?🤩The Last day of PMGC 2022 League LIVE TOMORROW at 10:45 AM (UTC+0)!🔥Download PUBG MOBILE now: #PUBGMESPORTS #PMGC2022 #PMGC #BETHEONE #Xperia1IV #PrimeGaming

After four poor games, HVVP were able to get back on track after dominantly winning their fifth match. They had only 12 points in their first four games, and their 14-kill Chicken Dinner in the next game helped them break into the top eight.

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