Pokemon GO Leaf Storm: Everything you need to know

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak
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Pokemon GO has recently added the ultra powerful Grass-type attack, Leaf Storm, to the arsenal of a few Pokemon.

Leaf Storm was just added to Pokemon GO as a Charged Attack. In the main series Pokemon games, it is a high damage attack. That translates over well to this mobile game.


Many fans are comparing it to Overheat, saying it is a Grass-type version of the incredibly strong Fire-type attack. Only a handful of new Pokemon will start with this attack in the moveset, but they will be able to use it well.

Pokemon GO Leaf Storm: Everything you need to know

Pokemon GO has officially announced the introduction of Leaf Storm. It has also informed players on which Pokemon will have initial access to the powerful move. Those Pokemon are:

  • Sunflora
  • Celebi
  • Ludicolo
  • Roserade
  • Leavanny

Roserade will more than likely be the most common Pokemon seen in the GO Battle League with this attack. Celebi will probably be a distant second. Roserade is an extremely strong Pokemon GO PVP choice.

In terms of Leaf Storm statistics, it does some serious damage. In PVP, it takes 55 Energy to charge it up. In PVE, that Energy requirement rises to 100. Overall, it dishes out 130 damage to opposing Pokemon.

Because it is a Grass-type move, any Pokemon given access to it at the start will receive a Same Type Attack Bonus. The move is also supereffective against Water, Rock, and Ground-type Pokemon.

In Pokemon GO, there is no Special category. Instead, it is just Attack, Defense, and HP. Using Leaf Storm will cause the user's Attack stat to be lowered for the remainder of their time in battle.

Be on the lookout for trainers testing out this new attack in the GO Battle League. For a good while, the Leaf Storm spam is going to be the meta of Pokemon GO PVP battles.

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