Pokimane accidentally makes fun of her viewer when asked for advice, viewers react

Pokimane accidently roasts a viewer in her chat (Images via Pokimane/Twitch)
Pokimane accidently roasts a viewer in her chat (Images via Pokimane/Twitch)
Aarnesh Shrivastava

Pokimane had a funny moment as she waited to play the newly released Korean Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) Lost Ark.

A viewer on Twitch chat asked her for relationship advice, after which Pokimane accidentally made fun of them by pressing the wrong buttons on her Stream Deck.

“Oh my god. I did not mean to press lying. No, no, no, no! I did not. Look, look, look.”

Pokimane presses wrong buttons on her Stream Deck, resulting in a hilarious stream moment

VOD for the clip starts at 04:49:49

Pokimane had been livestreaming for around four hours and had been sitting in the queue for the game Lost Ark. She played Valorant and reacted to several clips and videos sent to her by the audience in her Twitch chat.

As she was sitting in the queue for the game, she noticed a viewer’s message in her Twitch chat asking:

“POKI I NEED HELP!!! Going on a date with this girl in a couple of hours, we going to the movies n sleeping over should I get her o flower or would it be annoying to carry around all day?”

The streamer then read the message to her audience and reacted to it. She started by saying:

“In a couple of hours… going to the movies… and she’s sleeping over…”

She gasped and forwarded towards her Stream Deck. Stream Deck is a hardware device with multiple programmable macro buttons that can be used to assign multiple functions.

In this case, the streamer had assigned various audio cues that act like live reactions. She had programmed buttons for "Applause," "FBI open up," "That’s Sus," "Here we go again," and "W*F Lying."

As she reached out to her Stream Deck, she accidentally clicked the "W*F Lying" audio cue instead of the "Applause" one.

Realizing that she accidentally poked fun at the viewer seeking advice from her, she opened up her Stream Deck software to show her audience that she was indeed trying to press the "Applause" button:

“I meant to press the applause, right besides the why the f**k lying.”

She facepalmed and apologized to the viewer:

“I am so sorry! And now I skipped to the bottom and I can't even see the question. What was the question? What was the reason?! What was the question?

The streamer continued to laugh at the whole situation. The chat helped her by copy-pasting the viewer's original question so that she could read it once more:

“Okay here it is. Thank you so much. We going to the movies n sleeping over. Should I get her the flowers or would it be annoying to carry along. Hmm… That’s a good question. Well if she’s sleeping over, you could get her flowers and leave them at your place.”

She then finished giving her advice to the viewer’s question. She was able to get in-game after twenty minutes and made her first character in Lost Ark.

Fans react to Pokimane’s accidental roast towards her viewer in Twitch chat

Audiences and fans on Reddit gave their own advice towards the viewer’s question. They even poked fun at the viewer by saying the streamer’s reaction was accurate.

Pokimane is a Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer and internet personality. She is one of the co-founders of the popular streamer group OfflineTV (OTV).

She is known for playing various games like League of Legends, Valorant, Among Us, Fortnite and Minecraft.

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