Pokimane opens up about her relationship status & dream job during a Q&A session

Pokimane revealed multiple personal details during a recent "Q&A" session.
Pokimane revealed multiple personal details during a recent "Q&A" session.
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Modified 01 May 2021

Imane “Pokimane” Anys recently posted a “Q&A” session on her brand-new YouTube channel “Imane.”

Pokimane started the alternate YouTube channel only a few months ago and has posted only two videos till date. The second video, posted on 30th April 2021, was a “Q&A” session, in which she answered multiple personal questions.

Pokimane spoke about some basic details, such as her favorite color and place of origin. The popular female streamer also answered questions about her relationship status, dream job, and multiple other topics.

Pokimane opens up during “Q&A” session

Pokimane explained that this was the first “official video” that she was posting on the “Imane” YouTube channel. She had earlier posted an introductory video explaining the purpose of the YouTube channel around two months ago, which can be viewed above.

Pokimane began by talking about some basic personal details. This included questions about her place of birth, favorite color and the city where she currently lives. She was born in Morocco, and her family shifted to LA around the time she was 20. Pokimane also explained that her favorite color is blue, but that she is considering “changing” it to peach. She then talked about her relationship status:

“Oh, I’m single. People always ask me that. I am happily single. I feel like I’m in a very cool and exciting place in my life, covid vaccines are being pumped out, I am so excited to travel and meet people and just be young, wild and free or whatever the music lyrics say.”

Pokimane went on to talk about her “May 14th” birthday and revealed that her zodiac sign is “Taurus.” She also spoke about her favorite books and said that she reads two different kinds of books.

Image via Imane, YouTube
Image via Imane, YouTube

The first category was “self-help,” as she recommended Tim Ferriss’ “Tools of Titan,” Jonathan Haidt’s “The Happiness Hypothesis,” and Greg McKeown’s “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.”

Image via Imane, YouTUbe
Image via Imane, YouTUbe

Pokimane also spoke about the novels that she likes, and recommended Liv Constantine’s “The Last Mrs. Parrish,” Celeeste Ng’s “Little Fires Everywhere,” and Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “The Seven Husbands of Evylyn Hugo.”

Finally, the streamer also spoke about her “dream job.” Pokimane said that she is quite happy with where her life is at currently, but talked about some side-businesses that she is getting involved in soon.

“First of all I wanna say I am quite happy with life as it is right now. I am happy with streaming, I am happy with content creation. I feel like I am in a really good place where I’m also transitioning into other things. I’ve invested in a few companies that I’m really excited about. I’m starting some side-businesses which I hope to share more with you guys someday soon. Yeah, we will see where those things land and whether I wanna pursue those things long-term. Kind of like Cloak. Cloak is a perfect example of me partnering up with a company, becoming a part of it and it’s something that I am both working on now and I can see myself being more involved in even if at some point I decide not to be a content creator.”

Pokimane joined the “Cloak” brand in June 2020 as a partner/creative director.

She went on to speak about how she wishes to take up educational initiatives for children in the future:

“In regards to larger aspirations and dreams, I am really grateful for what I have now. I think I just wish I knew how to have a larger, more impactful more long-term positive impact on people’s lives which I know probably sounds like a big jump from playing games for fun. I am really passionate about education and not just like, university education. Just being able to learn new things, the mastery of things, it’s something I wish everybody learnt to love and I think teaching that to kids is a beautiful thing and something that will impact their lives in long term.”

As can be seen, the “Q&A” session proved to be highly informative for Pokimane’s fans. The streamer revealed quite a few details about her personal life and said that she is “happily single.”

Published 01 May 2021
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