Pokimane reveals the tale behind the $24K scam staged by one of her YouTube managers

Pokimane reveals how she was scammed of $24K in 2019 (Image via Pokimane/Twitch)
Pokimane reveals how she was scammed of $24K in 2019 (Image via Pokimane/Twitch)
Nakul Ahuja

Twitch sensation Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys recently revealed how she fell for a $24K scam by one of her former YouTube video managers. She also revealed how she eventually realized what was happening, which allowed her to get past the swindle.

Alongside two producers she trusted, Pokimane admitted to hiring an unknown manager after he reportedly "wrote up multiple pages of a big proposal," which more or less convinced her. Fast forward three months, and the streamer had lost a staggering chunk of money.

Pokimane paid the manager three months of her wages only to witness her YouTube uploads slow down

The incident took place in 2019, when Pokimane was climbing up the streaming ranks. Clearly, any amount was a massive one, let alone $24K.

The Canadian streamer had bundled with a team of YouTube editors to upload her videos on time. She had paid the "promising guy" three months of her wages to upload her videos regularly, and had hoped that he was managing things behind the scenes.

Sadly, that's not what transpired and soon after he joined her team, Pokimane's uploads slowed down, before they came to a halt entirely.

Here's what she said on the subject:

"He gave me like $200 worth of value, I ain’t joking. This was a relationship where it took me ages to realize that I was actually just getting played. He was so good at writing all these excuses and reasons.

The streamer further added:

When I found out, I was ruthless, on god. I went to him and demanded to know why we hadn’t uploaded any videos, and he sent me five paragraphs that told me he had been doing this and that."

The 25-year-old Twitch star tried to share the original documents with her fans while on stream. However, she hit a dead end as they had either been blocked or permanently erased. Be that as it may, she stated how they seemed so original that she was averse to giving him a trial.

Pokimane further said:

"Every now and then he’d tell me he was doing things, like a Hot Ones-type show. But really he was just making me think he was doing things, but he wasn’t. It came down to, dude, I’m giving you $8,000 a month, do the work! Then, in the second month, he went MIA for a full week. He said a family member had been sick, and I just had to believe him. I couldn’t prove he was really lying."

She revealed how turning stone-cold was the only alternative for her. Sadly, she already shelled out $24K. Incidentally, Pokimane stated she's thankful for what he did. It has made her more cautious while doing business dealings.

She concluded:

“Dead-a**, I was just his sugar momma for like a quarter of a year!”

During one of her recent streams, the Among Us sensation also revealed how she struggles to trust fresh additions to her team, be it managers, editors, or even behind-the-scenes administrators.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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