Popular YouTuber discusses why Fortnite streamers are moving to other games

Fortnite (Image via Twitter)
Fortnite (Image via Twitter)
Manuel "Zeus" Escobar

The Fortnite debate continues as a YouTuber and several players continue to discuss whether the game is truly dying or not.

The discussion on Fortnite dying dates back to Chapter 2 Season 1, as many players didn’t like the direction the game took.

The game has several loyal followers as well as critics who've disliked the game, creating a 50-50 pack on who’s truly playing and who's not.

Last week, Fortnite was a hot topic debate with #RipFortnite and #ThankYouEpicGames, both trending on Twitter. Now, a popular YouTuber has discussed why Fortnite streamers are possibly moving to other games.

Streamers possibly moving away from Fortnite

It all started when Denver, @thatDenverguyYT, posted a tweet in which he asked whether or not it's time to hop off the sinking ship, which is Fortnite.

He said that how Fortnite will still get views for years and pointed out that some streaming channels might start to experiment with new content and slowly leave the game. Of course, this sparked a debate and led to him posting a discussion poll.

The poll questions whether "Fortnite is declining or is there hope in the future for the game?"

As of writing this article, 59.5% of people believe it’s dying, whereas 40.5% think there is a future for the game.

Denver mentioned that it's all opinions and a discussion. He even asked the community what Epic Games could do to either save the game or just please everyone.

Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

This is a sensitive topic for some, as Fortnite is a worldwide phenomenon. It continues to have large tournaments along with a huge fanbase. In the end, Fortnite will continue to grow and shape into different things as the years come.

Many users simply prefer the old style of the game to what it is now. Then again, something to remember is that Fortnite was always going to have a storyline, such as its current narrative. That was always the plan. Only time will tell how great or bad Fortnite will be.

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