Psychogenic Intel in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: What is it and how to get it

How to get Psychogenic Intel in Destiny 2 the Witch Queen (Image via Destiny 2)
How to get Psychogenic Intel in Destiny 2 the Witch Queen (Image via Destiny 2)

With Destiny 2 The Witch Queen finally going live in servers across the world, players are quite curious about all the new content that Bungie dropped with the new expansion.

Along with a whole new campaign and a list of new Exotics, there are also some additional resources that the developers have introduced this time around.

One such resource is the Psychogenic Intel, which is essential in the Season of the Risen’s activity loop. They come in handy when picking up additional loot or if players just want to focus on grinding for their favorite weapon of the season.

Psychogenic Intel will allow Guardians to open an extra Runic Chest at the end of every PsiOps Battlegrounds run. This system is quite similar to the one Bungie introduced during the Season of the Chosen and Season of the Lost with Hammer Charges and Parallax Trajectory.

Getting Psychogenic Intel in Destiny 2 is not entirely a difficult task, and today's guide will try to help out those players who are still struggling with getting their hands on the resource.

How to get Psychogenic Intel in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

To get Psychogenic Intel drops in Destiny 2, all Guardians will need to do is complete the activities in the game. This resource is a "completion drop" and can be very easily attained after completing most of the quests in the new expansion.

Additionally, it can also be acquired by defeating enemies. Hence, its drop and drop rate will be quite similar to what it was with Ether during Season the Splicer.

Psychogenic Intel can also be picked up as a reward by completing the new campaign missions that came with the expansion. Season of the Risen’s core narrative is heavily amalgamated with The Witch Queen campaign. Hence, Guardians will be able to get their hands on a lot of Psychogenic Intel just by completing the main story of the expansion.


Players can also look into some War Table upgrades that can significantly improve the amount of Psychogenic Intel that players can receive.

However, it’s important to note here that much like the Parallax Trajectory, Guardians will only be able to carry a maximum amount of them in their inventories. It is advised that players boot up the PsiOps Battlegrounds often and open Runic Chests so that they don’t have to waste their excess stock.

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