PUBG Mobile guide: How to get a legendary outfit in the new Open Sesame event

Playing Treasure Hunt in the new Open Sesame event in PUBG Mobile to get free rewards (Image via Tencent Games)
Playing Treasure Hunt in the new Open Sesame event in PUBG Mobile to get free rewards (Image via Tencent Games)

PUBG Mobile has established itself as one of the biggest action games in the mobile gaming market across the globe. The game is currently celebrating its fourth anniversary, and within this span, it has become a favorite amongst players who love to delve into the realm of Battle Royale mode.

The developers of the popular BR title, Tencent Games, work tirelessly to bring in several new events, modes, items, and features to enhance the players' gaming experience. The latest 1.9 major update was released in March and has already proved to be a huge success.

Recently, the developers have brought in a new event that celebrates the festival of Ramadan and offers players free rewards.

Everything about the new 'Open Sesame' event in PUBG Mobile

The Open Sesame event is live on PUBG Mobile and will continue till April 30 (UTC + 0). Players must collect Expedition tools (bags, lanterns, watches, and keys) by completing daily missions and combining them to get their hands on the Gold coins that can be further exchanged to get the rewards mentioned in the event.

There are different rewards that will help enrich the players' in-game inventory. Here's a look at the rewards in the Open Sesame event.

Time-limited Hat: Players are entitled to receive a 3-day time-limited hat upon exchanging 4 Gold coins. They can redeem it twice.

Time-limited Ornament: The event offers the players a unique 3-day time-limited Spellbook Ornament. The ornament can be obtained by exchanging 4 Gold coins.

Classic Crate Scraps: The event also provides players with the opportunity to exchange 1 Gold coin for one Classic Crate Scraps. In total, they can earn 3 scraps.

Time-limited Outfit: A 5-day time-limited Spade Trickster Set is also available in the event and can be redeemed twice by exchanging 6 Gold coins each time.

Time-limited Mini 14 skin: Players are subjected to receive a 5-day time-limited Spade Trickster Mini 14 skin by exchanging 12 Gold coins.

Permanent Legendary Outfit: The most valuable item in the event is the Legendary Crimson Dancer Set, which can be obtained in exchange for 30 Gold coins. Legendary permanent outfits are rare and can be hard to get in PUBG Mobile. However, players can head over to the event and obtain the free outfit.

How to collect Expedition tools in PUBG Mobile?


Players can head over to the 'Open Sesame' event and collect Expedition tools for free. They can then combine these Expedition tools for rewards. Players must complete the following tasks to obtain Expedition tools:

  • Log in to the game daily
  • Play a Classic match with friends daily
  • Deal a total of 500 damage daily
  • Survive a total of 20 minutes in Classic mode daily
  • Send 1 Expedition tool to a friend daily

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