PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: 13 PUBG Tips & Tricks To Survive The Night 

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Mayank Vora

The much-awaited PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode is out now. The recent PUBG Update added some exciting features and also introduced a new event mode.

As exciting as it sounds, the new PUBG Mobile Event Mode is challenging and you have to use all your skills to "Survive Till Dawn."

But every PUBG player wants to win the new PUBG Mobile Zombie mode. So hence, here is a complete PUBG Guide on how to survive the night and stamp your authority on Zombies with the PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode tips and tricks mentioned below :-

1. The Accurate Jump:

Just like other modes, landing spots play a vital role while competing in the “Zombie: Survive Till Dawn” mode. The best option here would be to land at populated spots on the Map. Populated places like Pochinki would have more players which would help you kill zombies.

2. Spend the night together:

Team members are not just a squad they are your family. It is impossible to survive the Erangel Map alone. Post sunset is when most of the zombies turn violent and start attacking players. Staying together as a team and kill them together.

3. Med Head:

Stock yourself up with first aid kits, med kits, energy drinks, and painkillers. The night is dark and full of terrors, one would need to heal up after the zombie apocalypse calms down at dawn.

4. Zombie Bomb:

Look out for the Zombie Bombs in houses and use them when its dark and your squad is surrounded by a herd of walkers. The bomb will not harm players but will kill all zombies around you.

5. Zombie Vaccine:

Zombies are quite literally everywhere and when you hear them, you are most likely going to encounter them. All is not lost once they stop attacking you though. Stock up on the zombie vaccine to heal quicker. This would help you restore health quickly and get back to shooting up some zombies.

6. Search for Vehicles:

Vehicles are an underrated strategy in the zombie mode. You will need two things to execute this strategy – vehicles and a house (preferably two-storey building). Use the vehicle to block the entrance to the building. This will prevent the zombies from entering the building buying you enough time to fire and hold them off till dawn.

7. Optimum use of Ammo:

Zombies can be killed with bullets. However, once night falls upon us, they spawn from everywhere. Once you are penned in by this attack, it is vital to use your ammo sparingly. Aim for headshots to eliminate them as quickly as you can and save the ammo for the onslaught until dawn.

8. Kill Zombie Bosses:

While you’re fighting the night away and killing everyone that comes your way, do not forget to look out for huge zombie bosses. Killing them will give you better loot. Legends say that they sometimes give you an 8X. Once dawn comes upon us, if you survive that is, pick up what the zombies have left behind. With guns, bullets and melee on offer, load up for the next ambush waiting to happen at dark.

9. Engage when needed:

Do not waste your ammo engaging with Zombies during the day. Players tend to engage with zombies and give away their positions. Chicken Dinner can only be achieved once players are dead.

10. Camp Like a Boss:

Pick a building with a natural choke point such as a staircase to maintain a safe distance from the zombies in order to take them out. Defend your position and this tactic could buy you precious seconds to eliminate the enemies

11. Know Zombie Behaviour:

The Zombies that will appear on the second night would be more difficult to deal with than the first one. Try and stock up with all kind of zombie repellents available.

12. Run for your life:

After you’re done fighting the demons on the first night heal up and prepare to run towards the centre of the map. Spend the second night running as the Zombies are difficult and hard to fight.

13. Chicken Dinner:

Switch locations to find other players and kill them when it's dawn. The barrage won’t stop until other players on the map are eliminated.

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Edited by Mayank Vora


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