Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid: How will the new Reputation System work in Year 7 Season 4

Ubisoft to introduce Reputation System in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid (Image via Ubisoft)
Ubisoft to introduce Reputation System in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid (image via Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege is ready to introduce a brand new season with Operation Solar Raid. The upcoming expansion will have tons of content for players. A brand-new map is on the horizon along with Colombian Operator, Solis. Players have been eagerly waiting for the final season of the year.


Operation Solar Raid is looking forward to overhauling some of the crucial mechanics of the game to make the title fair for both newcomers and veterans. Toxicity has been an active issue in Rainbow Six Siege, similar to any other competitive titles out there in the industry.

The new Reputation System will try to tackle the issue with grave importance and ensure players maintain decent behavior in PvP game modes.

Rainbow Six Siege to add How it Works guide to the Reputation section with release of Operation Solar Raid


The Reputation Score will be entering Operation Solar Raid in its beta version. For the first time since the system was launched in June 2020, players will be able to see their Reputation Standing. The visual standing will not have any positive or negative effects on players.

Individuals will have time to learn how their standing is affected so they can adapt to the new system before their Reputation Score is impacted in any way.

Reputation Standings are placements that are given to each player to show them how their in-game actions are received by others. The main goal of this system is to encourage healthy interactions while eliminating toxicity. There will be five standings from one to five.

The Reputation section will now also show the player's Reputation Standing with active Reputation Penalties. These penalties will include the already existing Reverse Friendly Fire and Muted Text Chat.

Rainbow Six Siege will also be adding a How it Works guide to the Reputation section for players so they can get quick access to the information based on the newly implemented Reputation System.

From quality of life changes to new player behavior initiatives, we can't wait to share everything coming to Operation Solar Raid. Watch the full reveal LIVE on Monday Nov. 21 - 12:30PM PT/9:30PM CET at!

Team killing and grief have been long-term problems in Rainbow Six Siege. The tactical shooter treats this as part of an experience, but over time it has made PvP matches much worse for players. Toxic players are often the reason for ruining games in Siege.

Ubisoft has already taken other necessary steps for the upcoming expansion by turning off team damage in the preparation phase. Implementing Reputation Standing amongst players will further encourage them to maintain their standing by being team players at the very least. Furthermore, other players will also get an idea of the gamer with lower Reputation Standing.

The Reputation Score system will go live with the release of Operation Solar Raid in Rainbow Six Siege on December 6, 2022. Along with the Reputation Score, players can also expect huge changes such as the Ranked 2.0 that will completely change the face of competitive play in Siege.

Players can also look forward to several other player comfort changes that will be tweaking the game to make it more beginner friendly.

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