Rainbow Six Siege Ranked 2.0: MMR changes, new Emerald rank, and more

Rainbow Six Siege to overhaul competitive play with Ranked 2.0 (Image via Ubisoft)
Rainbow Six Siege to overhaul competitive play with Ranked 2.0 (Image via Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege will be bringing huge changes to the competitive play for the tactical shooter. Operation Solar Raid is set to arrive on December 6, 2022, with a variety of changes that will tweak some important aspects of the title. The upcoming expansion will also add a new map to the pool along with a Colombian Operator.

Ubisoft has decided to change the Ranked game mode as Operation Solar Raid will completely overhaul the competitive play of the game with the arrival of Ranked 2.0. The developers are trying to make the system fairer for all participants. This article will provide all the information that one needs to know before beginning the rank queue in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid.

Rank divisions in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid


One of the biggest changes in the Ranked queue is the removal of the MMR. The rank itself will no longer be decided by a player’s MMR. Instead, it will be based on how many Rank Points they win or lose after a match.

Each rank will now have five divisions, and each requires 100 Rank Points to advance to the next. Furthermore, the MMR being split from the rank will be called Skill. Since MMR will no longer determine a player's rank, it will determine how quickly one ranks up.

What will be the skill system in Ranked mode?


The Skill will be a hidden value for every single playlist that will be carried over with each season. With that, there will be no more placement matches for Ranked games because the skill rating does not reset when the rank does.

Ubisoft has also decided to remove the MMR restriction in Ranked 2.0 of Rainbow Six Siege. This means players can party up with friends without being afraid of rank disparity. This is because of a new algorithm that will adapt matchmaking regardless of the variation in skill among the players.

The MMR adjustment and reset system will now affect the Rank Points. Meaning that the points will be deducted or added based on the consequences of a match with a cheater in it. Similarly, rank resets will also affect the Rank Points of the player.

New Emerald rank


A brand new rank called Emerald will be added between Platinum and Diamond in Rainbow Six Siege. This is mostly due to the disparity between the two ranks. It will be holding players with skill levels who are above Platinum but are struggling to reach Diamond due to the lobbies.

Emerald will also share five divisions just like the other ranks from Solar Raid. Ubisoft has previously changed the rank divisions plenty of times to ensure that the disparity between the players is managed accordingly.

Ranked rewards

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid will be introducing rewards per division of the ranks. Players will get one for every rank division they climb throughout the Season.

However, these rewards can be obtained at the end of each season. This means players will have the chance to climb the ranks to acquire maximum rewards. Previously, one would only be getting a weapon charm to climb a rank. There were no additional rewards for climbing divisions. This system can encourage players to play more competitively.

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