Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 Demon Veil story trailer links both Hibana and Azami through a stunning animated short

What is known about Rainbow Six Siege's current lore in Demon Veil? (Image via Ubisoft)
What is known about Rainbow Six Siege's current lore in Demon Veil? (Image via Ubisoft)
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Ubisoft has released an animated short for Rainbow Six Siege featuring Azami and giving insight into the operator’s origin, instead of revealing another CGI trailer. This is not the first time players are getting an animated story trailer for an operator, but it has been a thing for quite some time now.

To look into the operator’s story in-depth, this article will provide will all the information that fans should be aware of.

What is going on in Rainbow Six Siege’s Y7S1 Demon Veil lore?


Rainbow Six Siege has always been crucial when setting up a plot for their live service game to give players a more immersive experience in terms of background story. These things are usually done through various things like operator biographies and story trailers that help shape the game's universe.

Currently, Team Rainbow is split into two halves, with one being at Nighthaven or Kali’s side and another at Harry’s side. The increased tension between the two has created a complex plotline that keeps players wondering what will happen next.

It is not known if Demon Veil's story trailer kicks off after the events of splitting, but it seems to have a lot of resemblance to the main story.

The animated short introduces Azami and a supposed sensei or master named Mr. Yahata. While both the characters were strolling through a market, they were ambushed by a few henchmen who were sent with the purpose of assassination. Despite Azami's valiant efforts to oppose them all, the operator was unable to save Mr. Yahata, who died in her arms.

ICYMI… Here’s a Demon Veil catch-up:📅 March 15 Release🛡 New Defender – Azami🔥 New Mode – TDM🗺 New Map – Emerald Plains (mid-season release)🌋 Goyo Rework🎥 Defender Camera Behavior🔀 Attacker Repick👁 Universal Sights⏪ Console Match Replay🛠 R6Fix Incentives

Later in the trailer, it was revealed that both Hibana and Azami have some connection with each other through Yahata. Since Hibana is a part of Team Rainbow, Azami inquired if she knew anything about 'QCR,' the symbol etched on the bullet that killed Yahata.

Now, QCR stands for Quantum Concepts and Robotics, which is the R&D unit of Nighthaven. The animated trailer teased Nighthaven's illicit character and how the unit can play a negative role in Rainbow Six Siege. But all this cannot of said for sure as the unit can get framed by someone to get under Team Rainbow’s eyes.

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